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Known for his creative, high-energy shoots, learn how fashion photographer Tom achieves vibrant results.

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Tom van Schelven’s Lightroom tutorials.

Create your own distinctive fashion images by editing out distractions, removing red eye and changing the background.

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Check out quick tutorials for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop and get started with free presets from pro photographers.

Play with light on mobile.

Use the Lightroom app to adjust light for an atmospheric effect. 

Adjust the perspective.

Discover the potential of the Geometry tool and rescue slanted photos of buildings or subjects with a few simple edits.

Play with shades.

Make your colours bolder and brighter. Pick up the Brush tool and discover how you can dial up the vibrancy.

Make quick edits with presets.​

Give your self-portraits more style using presets in Lightroom, on desktop or mobile. Watch the tutorial

Make your subject stand out.

Darken the background for a dramatic effect using Select Subject.

Remove distractions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, you can use the Content-Aware and Stamp tools to make eyesores disappear.

Let nature take the lead.

Remove distractions, enhance the light and bring the natural world alive. 

Combine two photos.

Layer and composite two different images to create the perfect single shot with the Brush tool and layer masks in Photoshop.

Get started with Lightroom presets

Bring your photos to life and achieve the look you want in a single click using 70+ built-in Presets in Lightroom or our exclusive collection from pro photographers.

Simply install the Preset on Lightroom desktop and sync to mobile app to get started.

Colour presets for Lightroom


Use this powerful preset from @helinbereket to make your colours complement one another perfectly.

Nature presets for Lightroom


Bring images of wildlife and the natural world to life with nature photographer @withluke’s preset.

Night presets for Lightroom


Evoke a specific emotion by brightening, softening and toning your night scene with Liam Man’s preset.

Pets presets for Lightroom


Create playful portraits of your furry friends with Elke Vogelsang's preset.

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