Adobe Advertising Cloud University Keynotes

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They came. They enlightened. They inspired. Adobe Advertising Cloud University brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry for two days of thought-provoking presentations, covering everything from privacy challenges to using your data more effectively. Get all the latest trends and advancements in advertising technology and how it can help you meet your business goals.

Advertising in the Experience Era

Keith Eadie, VP & GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud, covers the state of the advertising industry with a plea for more focus on the consumer as we move into the experience era.  

Length: 31:22

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Truly Realizing Your Data Investment

Your data is unique to your consumers and proprietary to your brand. So why are you implementing an out-of-the-box data strategy? Join us as we explore different approaches brands have taken with owned first and third-party data, and how you can start.

Length: 17:20

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The Creative Renaissance

Advertisements have devolved from visually appealing, emotionally stimulating creatives to annoying, text-based static images. This change is forcing consumers to implement ad blockers and rebel against the ad experience. Join us in this session as we discuss the rebirth of quality creative, and how taking a consumer-first approach means starting with engaging experiences.

Length: 30:44

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Advanced TV

TV advertisers are demanding better solutions and greater accountability to reach audiences. Advanced TV is now delivering on the promise of more precise targeting and measurable results through automation and data.  Learn how to evolve your TV strategy to plan, buy and measure TV using software.

Length: 53:59

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Future of Advertising

The advertising technology industry is rapidly changing as is the technology that powers it. As advertisers struggle to keep up with our industry's "latest hot topic," we aim to help them understand the impact of each issue on their marketing strategy and objectives. Join us for a candid discussion on the latest trending topics, what they mean for brands and agencies, and how Adobe is addressing each one.

Length: 49:46

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Adtech & Martech

Hear how your peers have leveraged modern tools to bridge the gap between adtech and martech to deliver more meaningful and valuable experiences for their customers.

Length: 43:31

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