Create, orchestrate, and measure personalized campaigns across every channel.

Adobe Campaign

What is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign brings together the power of data, design, and delivery to provide:
Seamless cross-channel experiences
Email. Web. Mobile. Online and offline. Connect with your audiences in a consistent voice across all channels.

Data-driven engagement

Drive personalization and segmentation via an accessible, 360-degree view of your customers.

Campaign orchestration and automation

Automate the delivery of relevant content and timely next-best offers.

See what Campaign can do.

Intuitively design and automate campaigns across channels, from one-off campaigns to triggered messages, via a graphically rich interface.
Bring the power of the Creative Cloud directly into Adobe Campaign through our Dreamweaver integration and Creative Cloud SDK.
Connect with your customers in the exact moments where they can take action — through SMS, push notifications, responsive emails, and more.
Quickly summarize campaign data with our out-of-the-box templates, export KPIs to Adobe Analytics, or create your own custom data visualizations.

Adobe Campaign is powerful, scalable, and adaptable.

Whether your goals are to improve your email and mobile marketing, orchestrate campaigns across all channels, or design entire customer journeys, we can help.
Email and Mobile Marketing.
Email and Mobile Marketing
Improve your email and mobile marketing with personalized, contextually-relevant messages.
  • Integrate siloed technologies and consolidate disparate campaign management and email messaging systems.
  • Use online and offline data for better email personalization and consistency. 
  • Enhance email automation and improve deliverability and velocity at scale.

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Campaign Orchestration
Plan, automate, execute, and measure campaigns across every touchpoint. 
  • Centralize customer data from different systems, devices, and channels. 
  • Integrate inbound and outbound campaign delivery and measurement through a single solution
  • Deliver timely and contextual experiences across any touchpoint.
Campaign Orchestration

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Journey Management.
Journey Management
  • Manage the entire customer journey from the anonymous visitor to your most loyal advocates.
  • Drive engagement throughout each phase of the customer journey (acquisition, conversion, retention, and win-back). 
  • Tie together anonymous and authenticated profiles and devices.
  • Get the most out of Adobe Experience Cloud through product integrations, core services, and the Adobe Data Platform.


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See how our customers are excelling with Adobe Campaign.

More than 1,000 of the world’s top brands use Adobe Campaign to engage and inspire.
Hostel World
Hostelworld delivers 1 billion emails per year while reducing unsubscribe rates and improving click-through rates.
Virgin Holidays
Omni-channel, contextual campaigns achieve 90% engagement and 33% increase in revenue.
Driving revenue and consumer loyalty with targeted emails focused on what’s important to people.

Here’s why you should choose Adobe Campaign.

Our best-in-class technology

Adobe Campaign’s integrated cross-channel capabilities align your online and offline marketing strategies and create engaging customer experiences that drive ROI. We’ve built on Adobe’s strengths in data, delivery, and creative content. Plus, our open solution integrates with other cutting-edge technologies — within Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud, and outside Adobe as well. 

Our services that drive success

Our Adobe consulting teams and deep partner network can help you generate early wins and build credibility as your trusted advisor. Choose from our standard services packages or arrange for custom support as needed. This phased approach accelerates your time to market, lowers implementation costs, and builds organizational alignment.

Our maturity model

We know that digital transformation requires a unique mix of technology investments, customer-centric strategies, and long-term organizational change. Our maturity model helps us meet you wherever you are along that journey. Our flexible solution, modular services packages, and unique pricing model allows you to start today with Adobe Campaign and grow with us as you expand your capabilities and increase your marketing ambition and sophistication.
Email & mobile marketing
Create and deliver personalized, contextually-relevant email and mobile marketing programs that are consistent across channels.
Campaign Orchestration
Personalize, automate and deliver cross-channel campaigns.
Journey Management
Coordinate disconnected marketing tactics that drive engagement throughout each phase of the customer journey.

The best campaign is a consistent one.

See why we're a Leader in Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant.

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Working with a partner?
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