Get results with your social marketing.

Adobe Social

What is Adobe Social?

It’s the social management platform that ties every piece of data to your bottom line. Beyond just the likes and follows, manage the deep relationship between your customers’ sentiments and your business goals.

Get all of your social in one place.

Monitor and moderate conversations, publish and promote content, and analyze engagement and conversion data in one mobile-friendly interface.

Measure the impact of social.

Automatically attach tracking codes to your social content to identify what activity drives engagement and conversion.

Use integrated social insights.

Use social insights gleaned through Adobe Marketing Cloud integrations to improve targeting and optimize the customer experience.

See what Social can do.

Scale your social marketing efforts across all internal stakeholders and external social profiles.
Use buzz-monitoring data to identify trends, opportunities, and threats. Then, route and track comments with a real-time moderation queue.
Post to hundreds of social pages at one time. Use the content calendar for scheduling, approvals and customer audience targeting.
Discover the precise types of content, social networks, and key influencers that not only drive engagement but also yield business results.

See how leading brands succeed with Adobe Social.

The broadcast network uses social marketing insights to effectively steer content and increase viewer engagement.

The gaming company has driven increased revenue through targeted, high-impact social campaigns.

The network giant has learned how to understand its marketing effectiveness across different social platforms.

Use social data to drive marketing success.