The Fluidic Player

A single unified playback experience for virtually any kind of eLearning content such as videos, PDFs, PPTs, DOCX, SCORM, xAPI-compliant module. 

Setup experience that is a breeze 

Flat intuitive UI
Experience a modern UI built on single web page architecture. Get easier access to all the power of the LMS without navigating multiple pages. A friendly user interface and fast application performance make working with this LMS a breeze. 
Manage competencies
Manage competencies
One-click publish using Adobe Captivate 
Get your training content out to your learners with minimum effort, thanks to content-LMS integration that is virtually plug and play. Track multi-format eLearning content, such as PPTX, video, PDF, and DOCX files and xAPI-, AICC-, and SCORM-compliant packages. 
Smart assignment using enroller
Assign roles, courses, and learning programs to teams and individuals in a jiffy. Simplify user selection by using metadata, such as role, manager, department and location to quickly identify an individual or a group. 
Easy set-up of learning structure
Create structured learning by combining reusable modules into courses. Combine virtual or live classrooms  and eLearning courses into learning programs and certifications that focus on skill development, onboarding and compliance.
Hand-holding videos & support
Access 30+ help videos from within the product for step-by-step assistance on setting up your LMS. Get onboarded faster with our online help center and 24X7 phone support. 
Learning Plan
Auto-assign learning activities based on dates or events, such as skill achievement, completion, entry, exit, role, and location change. Orchestrate branched learning based on the outcome of the previous learning activity.
Recurring certifications
Ensure that your organization is up to date and compliant by automatically reassigning certifications when they expire. Offer certifications based on completion of designated courses, learning programs, and approved external activities hosted by third parties.
Scheduled reports & notifications
Automatically schedule reports, announcements, email notifications, and reminders so that your users do not miss any updates. Promote specific courses, such as compliance  or certification, by broadcasting rich media  messages to a defined group of users.
Synchronized users & catalog
Schedule synchronization of users between enterprise systems of record and your LMS. Automatically import user details from HRMS or other applications, such as SFDC, into Adobe Captivate Prime. Always keep your catalog up to date by auto-syncing with third-party content service providers.
Adobe Connect attendence retrieval
Integrate Adobe Connect hosted accounts having meeting support with Adobe Captivate Prime. Create and schedule virtual classroom sessions; launch your session with a single click; automatically track attendance, completion, and time spent; and view post-session recordings—all from within Adobe Captivate Prime. 
Auto-generated user groups
Automatically create user groups based on attributes like job function, role, location, and reporting. Then treat user groups as learning cohorts to assign specific learning programs. 
All learning under one roof
Track all training activities — offline and online — using a single platform. Get visibility into organization-wide learning programs, including eLearning courses, video- and mobile-based learning, instructor-led sessions, virtual classrooms, and activity-based learning. 
Instructor role
Enable your instructors to manage their sessions themselves. Allow them to schedule and reschedule sessions,  manage waitlists, mark attendance, accept assignment submissions  and score sessions.
User Management
Use the segregated view to manage internal and external users more effectively. Move users between external groups, and promote users to group managers. Import user details from other systems directly into Adobe Captivate Prime using an FTP server. 
Customized experiences
Control what learners see on their home page. Configure custom catalogs for different user groups. Apply branding colors or choose  attractive out-of-the-box themes to change the look and feel of your UI. 
LCMS functionality
Group modules as you want to create structured courses, learning programs, and curricula. Keeping your organizational learning and certifications current and consistent is as easy as updating the modules and saving them as new versions.
Course equivalency offerings
Give learners the option to select their preferred language, format,  and delivery type. Simplify reporting by managing version of  multilingual courses as a single reporting object. 
Learning experience that is enjoyable

Fluidic Player
Get a unified playback experience for almost any kind of content, such as video, PDF, PPT, and DOCX files, and xAPI-, SCORM-, and AICC-compliant packages, all within a single player without downloading any plug-ins. Engage learners with high-quality video streaming and a distributed delivery mechanism that serves content with minimum latency.  
Selectively enable gamification among a peer group, where learners strive to get cool badges and race ahead on the leaderboard. Recognize and reward learners when they exhibit qualities such as initiative and involvement, or when they achieve specific learning milestones. 
Badges & transcripts
Allow learners to receive badges on successful completion of learning activities. These open badges are shareable on social media. Learners can also download a record of all training they have taken in the organization.  
Discussion board
Encourage learners to interact with  peers and instructors, leading to a better understanding of concepts.
Offline learning
Allow learners to resume learning even when they are offline. The Adobe Captivate Prime app* downloads learning content, makes it available for offline access, and auto-syncs when the learner is back online.
Smartphone support
Allow learners to access streaming content and receive notifications on the native smartphone app*. Using the app, they can also consume courses when they are offline.
*Subject to Apple's approval 
Attendance marking using QR code
Allow learners to mark attendance of classroom sessions more easily by simply scanning the QR code generated by the instructor.  
Push notifications & announcements
Keep learners informed using  push notifications on the native app. Ensure that they know about upcoming courses, session details, upcoming and missed deadlines, and certification expiration.
Just-in-time learning with Job aids 
Help your employees access reference content when they need it without enrolling in a course or a learning program. Enable your mobile workforce to quickly reference content when handling customers.
Personalized learner homepage 
Give learners personal dashboards that they can customize using drag and drop widgets. Let them view completed, pending, and recommended courses, skills attained, badges received, and details of activities to earn more badges and points. The dashboard launches a leaderboard where learners can compare their performance to peers.
Choice of language, format and delivery type 
Allow your learners to change their language or format anytime while taking the course and also select a delivery type based on the learning style that works best for the individual — eLearning, instructor-led training, or virtual classroom.
Learners can personalize the learning recommendations they want to receive from the LMS based on must-have skills required to do well in their current job or new skills for an aspirational role they are targeting within the team or in another function.  
Note-taking for revision 
Enhance retention by allowing learners to bookmark and create revision notes. Notes can be taken in real-time and span across multiple modules. These notes act like microlearning bytes that learners can email to themselves for easy access.
Powerful search
Easily carry out comprehensive  search of your entire LMS, spanning learning  objects, catalogs, skills, tags, personal notes and discussions.  
Measurable experience that is tangible

Skill-based learning
Quickly close skill gaps, develop new skills, and track how skill enhancement impacts the on-the-job performance of your employees. Ensure that your training initiatives are completely aligned with business objectives.
Comprehensive tracking
Automatically track all online learning activity such as assessments, course progress, skill-level attainment, and learning status, to ensure accurate, hassle-free reporting.
Generate learner transcripts to track the learning history of individuals or teams. Managers and administrators can download transcript data and choose from predefined pivot tables to create reports on learning progress, course enrollment, completion details, and skills achieved.  
Course-effectiveness ratings
Evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs at increasing knowledge and capability, and ensure that they are delivering on business objectives. Assess the impact of your training by recording learner feedback, test scores, and manager inputs. Improve content quality with real learner feedback.
Scheduled notifications 
Allow managers to receive notifications for their team’s learning activities, including self-enrollment into courses, course and certification completion, and escalation notifications for missed deadlines.
Role-based reporting
Ensure that managers are always informed of their team’s progress. Set up common reporting formats that all managers can access. The reports will be populated only with the data of the respective team.
Report builder
Use the powerful report builder to create 350+ customized reports on variables such as skills, completions, and time spent. Zoom out for a summary, or zoom in for more details.
User group reporting
Create custom user groups to get different views of learning data based on specified attributes. Track how different user groups, such as departments, external partners, and roles, are performing vis-à-vis other user groups or their own learning objectives.
Enterprise experience that is scalable

External partners
Upgrade the skills and drive the effectiveness of your partner organizations by extending your learning programs to your vendors and sales partners. Customize objectives and track outcomes of each partner organization as a separate group.
Provide your departments, divisions, or clients with their own instance of LMS, which they can customize, brand, administer, and manage while sharing seats, catalogs and reports.
Migrating from your old LMS
Use a step-by-step wizard to move your existing LMS users, content, and learning data to Adobe Captivate Prime. Migrate using iterative sprints, and get complete visibility on the status of each sprint to ensure that your learners experience zero downtime while you are migrating your legacy data to Adobe Captivate Prime.
API layer
Easily integrate Adobe Captivate Prime with your intranet or other existing enterprise system. Get access to the functionality, learning objects, and user data of Adobe Captivate Prime inside your own  environment. Create your own custom views of learning within your organization. 
Embeddable Fluidic Player
Take the seamless playback experience offered by Adobe Captivate Prime to your enterprise system. Embed the Fluidic Player and allow learners to consume courses with a single sign-on. The learning data is automatically sent back to Adobe Captivate Prime. 
Train sales teams more efficiently by providing them the convenience to access assigned courses from within their Salesforce account. Use the inbuilt Salesforce connector to sync SFDC user details with Adobe Captivate Prime. Allow your salespeople to get a full view of their personal learning dashboard and receive notifications about upcoming learning tasks within Salesforce. 
Content provider integration
Give learners access to courses offered by third party content providers, such as Lynda, Harvard Mentor, and Get Abstract**. Users can enroll and take the courses from these content providers from within the LMS.
**To be purchased separately from 3rd party content providers
Adobe Connect integration  
Integrate Adobe Connect hosted accounts having meeting support with Adobe Captivate Prime. Create and schedule virtual classroom sessions; launch your session with a single click; automatically track attendance, completion, and time spent; and view post-session recordings — all from within Adobe Captivate Prime.

General terms and conditions:
Internet connection is required to use this software. Mobile and tablet applications and syncing functionality require a separate download and agreement to additional terms.
Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud™ service, are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and Adobe's online privacy policy.
The applications and online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or subscription charges may apply.