PageMaker Goes Down Under and Comes Out on Top
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"We're not the biggest, just the best," says Mike McHugh, systems manager of Cozzolino Ellett Design D'Vision, one of Australia's top design firms. To remain the best Down Under, Cozzolino Ellett relies on Adobe software all over - including Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Dimensions®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Premiere®, and now Adobe PageMaker®.

"We switched to PageMaker from QuarkXPress in 1997 and never looked back," says McHugh. "We needed a flexible publishing program that would be easy to use and speed up production."

To unify the look of this brochure detailing Melbourne International Airport's new design and architectural features, Cozzolino Ellett created textures mimicking the airport's building materials in Photoshop and Illustrator. The textures, such as the stone wall shown here, were then brought into PageMaker to serve as backgrounds.

Cozzolino Ellett was founded in 1986 by well-known graphic designers Mimmo Cozzolino and Phil Ellett. The firm has won numerous awards and serves clients such as Spicers Paper, the Australia Post, The Body Shop, and the Australian Federal Airports Corporation (FAC).

Production hiccups prompt a change
To serve this high-caliber client base, a powerful, trouble-free production environment is crucial. Before adopting PageMaker, Cozzolino Ellett experienced a number of creativity- and productivity-limiting problems.

For example, working with numerous elements on a page was cumbersome and often resulted in errors, such as incorrect placement of an image. The difference between the keyboard commands in Photoshop and Illustrator and in QuarkXPress further slowed designers down. These production hiccups sometimes brought work to a crawl and ultimately prompted the firm's switch to PageMaker.

Demanding job puts PageMaker to the test
Among the firm's first PageMaker projects was a 25-page promotional brochure for the FAC, detailing its massive renovation of Melbourne International Airport. To begin, McHugh imported Microsoft Word text files into a PageMaker layout, where formatting elements such as headings, subheads, and text styles were applied using style sheets.

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Newport, Rhode Island
Award-winning Australian design firm
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Employees: 9
Benefits Summary
PageMaker's superior object-handling capabilities and layers features reduce errors and enhance creativity.
At least two hours are saved on every project due to the consistency of Adobe's user interface across programs.
Design files can be printed in 10 to 15 percent less time using PageMaker.
Sending PDF files to clients cuts design review time by one-third.
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Dimensions
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Type Manager Deluxe
Microsoft Office 98
Apple Power Macintosh 9500 computers
Compaq PCs with Windows 95 and NT
Wacom ArtZ digital tablets
Agfa DuoScan color scanner
Apple LaserWriter 8500 with Adobe PostScript®
Epson Stylus 300 printer with Adobe PostScript
GCC SelectPress 600 printer with Adobe PostScript