Build Creative Suite and Creative Cloud extensions

Create extensions that run inside and integrate with the Adobe® Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud® family of applications.
New project wizard
New project wizard
Set up a new Creative Suite or Creative Cloud extension, XMP namespace, or XMP FileInfo panel as easily as you would create a new Adobe Flash® Builder® project.
Version support
Creative Suite and Creative Cloud multiple version support (CS5/5.5/6/CC)
Select the version of Creative Suite and Creative Cloud you want to target and Extension Builder 2.1 works out the compatible features available for that version. Run your existing Flex 3.4 extensions in CS6 or create new Flex 4.5 extensions that leverage newer extensibility technologies.
Support for Creative Cloud products
Support for Creative Cloud products
In addition to developing for CS5, CS5.5 and CS6, you can create extensions for the CC versions of Adobe Photoshop® and Photoshop Extended, Illustrator®, InDesign®, InCopy®, Adobe Premiere® Pro, Prelude™, Fireworks®, and Dreamweaver®.
Adobe Exchange
A new way to sell and distribute with Adobe Exchange
Reach Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud™ users with Adobe Exchange, a new way to promote, distribute, and sell the extensions you create.
Signing, packaging, and exporting of extensions
Signing, packaging, and exporting of extensions
Sign, package, and export extensions as platform-independent installer files and deploy them on your user's machines using Adobe Extension Manager.
Bundle manifest editor
Bundle manifest editor
Easily create an extension's manifest file, select extension resources, and define where resources should be deployed.

Develop and debug faster
Quickly build extensions and fix errors so you can get solutions to market faster.
Direct Creative Suite and Creative Cloud application DOM access
Gain direct control over Creative Suite and Creative Cloud scripting DOMs using CSAW libraries. Avoid the steep learning curve of native SDKs and easily port extensions into multiple Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications.
Code completion
Write code faster with quick access to a list of available properties, objects, and classes that appears as you type code.
Extension debugging directly in Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications
Use the Debug As and Attach As features to debug directly in Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications, preview extensions, set breakpoints, and identify errors. 
Performance measurement
Ensure the robustness of extensions by measuring their performance inside Creative Suite and Creative Cloud applications. Profile extensions to identify memory leaks and performance issues.
Easy porting of extensions between applications
Take advantage of CSAW (CS ActionScript® Wrapper) libraries to easily port extensions into multiple Creative Suite applications to maintain a consistent user experience. 

Develop advanced extensions

Build advanced extensions to create more engaging user experiences.
ZXP Bundles
Cover your compatibility bases with new ZXP Bundles that let you wrap all your CS/CC version extensions inside a single ZXP file, making distribution much easier.
Create extensions that adopt the look and feel of their host CS/CC application, including support for the dynamic color interface themes of Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Flex 4.5 support
Enjoy support for Flex SDK 4.5 development with Spark UI components.
CS Communications Toolkit support
Use the new CS Communications Toolkit to enable communication between CS6 and CC applications, extensions, and external applications.
Hybrid extension support
Easily build and package powerful hybrid extensions that combine ActionScript® code and native plug-ins (such as C++ or JavaScript) to create more engaging user experiences.
Connections with web services APIs
Integrate extensions with web services APIs to enable real-time preview and editing of data. 
Connections with data services back-end systems
Connect your extension with a digital asset management system (such as Adobe CQ) or other data back end for real-time preview and editing of data. Enable multistep, multiuser workflows across geographies.
CMIS integration
Use the new CMIS ActionScript libraries to connect Creative Suite extensions to any content management system that supports the CMIS open specification.
Creative Suite/Creative Cloud Host Adapter libraries
Use Host Adapter libraries to notify extensions of application events normally dispatched only to C++ and ExtendScript plug-ins.

Integrate XMP metadata into your workflow

Easily embed meaningful XMP information into files to optimize the developer workflow.
XMP Namespace Designer
Use the new XMP Namespace Designer to quickly create custom data models. Define custom XMP namespaces and generate Flex libraries and FileInfo panels.
Custom FileInfo panels
Build FileInfo panels to let your users collect and edit metadata, use validation rules, and easily interact with XMP metadata in their documents.
XMP metadata encryption
Encrypt the business-critical metadata collected throughout a workflow and enable only those with certain security rights to view it.