Introducing Adobe Connect 10

Adobe Connect 10
We are incredibly excited to announce Adobe Connect 10
New HTML interface

New HTML Client for Participants

  • Nothing to download or install - eliminate barriers to entry
  • Supported by modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • Greater accessibility including support for screen readers

New User Interface

  • Modern design elements
  • Incredibly fast and easy to use
  • Enables participants to interact with chat, polls, Q&A, status options, and more
Updated chat pod

Microphone rights for participants

New Audio workflows

  • Microphone support for participants using the HTML client
  • Simplified workflows for VoIP and telephony

HD Video

  • Broadcast video in high definition at 720p
  • Video scales dynamically to conserve bandwidth
HD Video

Single Sign On

Out-of-the-box Single Sign On

  • Authenticate users with SAML-2.0 Identity Providers such as Okta
  • Improve the workflow of joining an Adobe Connect meeting

Adobe Connect 10 is available for all customers. Learn how to enable the HTML client here.

Adobe Connect Meeting Plans

✓ Unlimited meetings
✓ Storage
✓ VoIP