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Only Adobe Connect gives you complete control over your virtual sessions with the ability to create Custom Experiences.

Adobe Connect helps deliver engaging Training and Learning sessions, highly-customized, branded & engagement-led Webinars, and reliable, personalized high-quality Meetings. Government agencies use Adobe Connect as persistent virtual environments for Emergency Preparedness and Rapid Response with secure real-time information exchange for interagency collaboration.

Why choose Adobe Connect?

Create customizable, reusable, and secure virtual experiences as engaging as real-life interactions.

Functionality is delivered with resizable pods that can be positioned on the screen by the host, who determines what everyone will experience at any time.

Adobe Connect Custom Layouts

Design interactive storyboards with custom layouts

Adobe Connect rooms can be used as a canvas to set up your content according to your style and goals.

You can create layouts using a multitude of resizable pods. Each layout can be customized with the content and functionality for various segments of your virtual session. Layouts help add motion, structure, and focus to a virtual classroom or webinar.

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms

Drive efficiency with persistent virtual rooms

Adobe Connect rooms are persistent virtual environments that can be set up once and re-used over and over again.

You can set up your virtual room down to every detail ahead of the live sessions. The host can upload PowerPoint decks, PDF documents, MP4 videos, music, and images that persist in the virtual rooms. Breakout rooms, polls, files, web links, and more can all be set up once and re-used forever. Your virtual room will always be ready to go!

Adobe Connect Templates

Ensure consistency with shared room templates

Room templates can serve as a blueprint for new Adobe Connect rooms.

Templates make it incredibly fast and easy to set up new rooms by including pods, layouts, and content, instead of starting from scratch, and ensure standardization and consistency across an organization.

Adobe Connect Admin

Increase production value with powerful backstage

Adobe Connect offers unique capabilities that let presenters, producers, and facilitators work together behind the scenes.

Host & Presenter Area is a virtual backstage that enables a private space to collaborate, communicate, and prepare before and during events.

Prepare Mode allows hosts to discreetly set up various layouts, content, and flow without affecting the live session.

Adobe Connect Capabilities

Adobe Connect allows you, the creator, to use its versatile stage to design and deliver virtual training, webinars, and meetings that stand out.

Deliver real experiences

with powerful storyboarding and engagement design capabilities. 

Deliver Real Experiences

Your story your way, always

Design your stage to deliver consistent and repeatable virtual experiences customized to your audience, style, and story.

Keep them engaged 

Stay in complete control of the narrative as a host and drive engagement with thoughtfully designed interactions, throughout the story.

Present with confidence

Read your audience & collaborate with your crew behind the scenes, just like you would on a real stage.

Include everyone

Leverage the accessible design of Adobe Connect to reach millions of individuals with visual, auditory, or mobility impairments.

Join from anywhere

Reach a much wider audience with frictionless access via new HTML browser clients.

Join whenever

Make sure your audience doesn't miss a thing with interactive recordings that feel just as real as the live sessions.

Extend your reach

with accessible design and frictionless access.

Extend Your Reach

Look no further

with a single platform to plan, deliver, and track.

Look No Further

End-to-end campaign management

From promotions to registrations, campaign conversion analysis to integrations with your CRM solution - a single platform for all demand generation workflows for large-scale virtual events.

Complete eLearning solution

From enabling interactive content creation to blending learning on-demand or in a live immersive classroom, to managing and tracking organizational learning for modern learners and instructors - Adobe's eLearning suite has you covered.

Comprehensive security

From application security to network security to cloud infrastructure security, our engineering design ensures complete protection for hosts, participants, and confidential enterprise information. 

Top brands that trust Adobe Connect

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Naval Safety & Environmental Training Center
Wiley and Georgetown University
Johns Hopkins University
The University of Arizona
Kentucky Labor Cabinet
University of Capetown
U.S. Defense Information Services Agency
Philips Healthcare
The Graduate School, USDA
BPP Professional Education

Industry awards

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Best Collaboration Solution For Digital Learning
Virtual-Classroom Technology
Technology Innovation for the Remote Workforce
THE Journal Award

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