Motion design

Set text and graphics in motion.

Animate still images and illustrations to create striking motion graphics. Add motion to text for cinematic title sequences and simple credit rolls. Work faster with presets or turn your unique vision into reality with power animation tools.

3D animations

Design dynamic 3D animations.

Bring dimension into your videos in a true 3D workspace right inside After Effects. Get the lighting and shading just right for a realistic look. Or combine 2D and 3D images to create any scene you can imagine.

Visual effects

Create jaw-dropping effects.

Get inspired with a wide selection of built-in effects or customize your own. Make it storm. Add lasers. Or even pop a spinning UFO into a tracking shot. Turn any idea into an effect your audience will never forget.

Explore After Effects features.

Mix 2D and 3D seamlessly.

Animate 3D objects right alongside 2D graphics in a true 3D workspace with tools designed specifically for 3D.

Extract objects with AI.

Easily select and separate any object from the background, even wind-swept hair and transparent elements, with the AI-powered Roto Brush.

Track elements as they move.

Follow the movement of any object in your clip. Replace the screens on mobile phones, add names to moving subjects, or surround a marching band with musical notes.

Remove what you don’t want.

Erase anything from an accidental boom mic to people in the background. Content-Aware Fill will fill in the gaps in every video frame so you’re left with clean, polished footage.

Swap out the background.

Place a character in a totally new environment. With powerful keying tools, you can replace backgrounds, apply visual effects, or add new elements to your scene.

Create Motion Graphics templates.

Design and share customizable Motion Graphics templates like animated titles and lower thirds for instant use in {{adobe-premiere-pro}}.