The Adobe® AIR® runtime lets enterprises use web technologies like JavaScript, Adobe Flash®, and Flex to deliver rich Internet applications (RIAs) on a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, desktops, and netbooks. AIR applications run across operating systems and are easily delivered using a single installer file. They combine the power of local resources and data with the reach and ease of management on the web.
Applications can be deployed directly from the browser using the seamless install feature. Or after obtaining redistribution rights, IT administrators can deploy both the runtime and the application to their environments using existing deployment tools.
Read the Adobe AIR security white paper to learn about how the Adobe AIR multi-tiered security model and digital signatures can help assure user security.
The Adobe AIR administrator's guide provides details on how to deploy Adobe AIR in enterprises as well as how to tune other runtime settings.
Get help and support for Adobe AIR runtime and development issues.