Draft your craft

With Adobe Captivate Draft convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements such as content and question slides, branching logic, and more.

Adobe Captivate Draft

Easy editing
Refine your ideas as easily as you capture them. Using simple gestures, change the stroke color and width, or add text to shapes. Speed up storyboarding by being able to undo or redo any action.
Rapid storyboarding
Anybody can now collaboratively create and share interactive eLearning storyboards – all you need is an iPad and your ideas. Speed up your content creation workflow by bringing your storyboards into Adobe Captivate (2017 release) and publishing them as fully responsive courses. Best of all, you don’t even need to be an Adobe Captivate user to create storyboards with Adobe Captivate Draft.
Gesture control
Capturing elusive ideas just got simpler. Use simple gestures to add common objects such as shapes, text boxes, images and more. Adobe Captivate Draft will automatically convert your freehand doodles into essential eLearning elements.
Shapes, colors and fonts  
Ensure your storyboards are as colorful as your ideas. Add shapes, format your text, and fill in your choice of hues from a color wheel. You can even customize the look and feel of your slides by applying colors or images as slide backgrounds. 
Support for images and multimedia
If a picture is worth a thousand words and video a million, we could hardly leave them out. Snap a pic, record a video or import it from a gallery. Add energy and impact to your storyboards with assets from your library.
Web object support
Embed web pages as objects in your storyboard and allow learners to access additional reference material. Enable more effective, and in-context, learning. 
Support for branching
Linear courses are a recipe for boredom and dropout. Add hotspots to your slides and flesh out complete conditional branching flow within your storyboard.
Support for quizzes
Include assessment quizzes within your storyboard itself. Choose from different quiz types like True/False, multiple choice, matching and sequence.
Collaborative reviewing
Share your storyboards for review with just about anyone – all you need is their email address. Reviewers can post their comments for you to view in real time. Reviewers need not have either Adobe Captivate 2017 or Adobe Captivate Draft. Comments can be typed into a box or doodled onto the slide. Once the review is over, easily incorporate changes in the storyboard, if you so desire.
Upload to Adobe Creative Cloud
Take advantage of 2GB forever-free storage offered by Adobe Creative Cloud, to get anytime, anywhere access to your storyboards – just upload them to the cloud, and have them at your fingertips.
Duplication of storyboards
Easily replicate existing storyboards and edit them to create new storyboards faster. Optionally, duplicate individual slides or objects, or copy objects across slides, in a course.
Real-time preview 
Preview your eLearning storyboard as you author it to see how it would appear on your learners’ devices even before you actually publish it. Use the feedback to make edits to your storyboard.
Slide filmstrip 
Get a bird’s-eye view of your storyboard structure, including branching logic, in a filmstrip view. Easily duplicate, delete or reorder slides and branching logic using simple drag and drop gestures.