Succeed through minimizing risk.

Your organization's success depends on strict implementation of workplace compliance among your employees. Learn to handle tough customers through effective conflict management techniques. Set guidelines with a watertight set of business ethics. All this to minimize risk and build a responsible organization.

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Workplace Compliance


CSA Training (26 mins)

CSA is a data-driven compliance and enforcement program. It's all part of the FMCSA's effort to prevent crashes, injuries, and fatalities associated within the commercial driving industry.

Conflict Management (19 mins)

This is a Conflict Management series. "Managing" conflict means that we acknowledge that conflict exists. It's not dwelling on the negativity of that conflict, but rather making conflict a productive thing. It's making use of our different opinions and experiences, and growing the individuals, the departments, the products, or whatever, as a result of those differences.

Hazard Communicaton for Employees (16 mins)

I don't always handle toxic chemicals, but when I do, I like to know about the hazards. I'm betting you feel the same way. So is your employer doing their job in communicating hazards to you? Let's find out in this course, which takes you through the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, employer responsibilities, training, and the reporting of non-compliance.

Hazard Communicaton for Employers (23 mins)

Creating a hazard communication program can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Here, we'll walk you through, step by step, how to develop a plan that is clear, comprehensive, and most importantly, effective.

Business Ethics (30 mins)

Explain What Business Ethics Means to Them & Their Organization, Formulate an Informed Response and Contribute to an Ethical Workplace Culture

Conflict Resolution (30 mins)

Define Conflict, Understand How to CATCH Conflict So You Can Better Resolve It and Describe the Results of Unresolved Conflict

Handling a Difficult Customer (30 mins)

Explain the Importance of Engaging With a Difficult Customer, Describe Traits Exhibited by a Difficult Customer and Practice the AIM Model to Manage a Difficult Customer

California Anti-Harassment (104 mins)

Sexual harassment as a concept has evolved significantly over the years. In this course, we’ll look at the landmark cases that helped define workplace sexual harassment and discrimination laws in the United States.

California - Understanding Harassment (59 mins)

We’ve talked a lot about the explicit things that are unacceptable in California workplaces. But there are a lot of gray areas that can give rise to a culture that allows sexual harassment to happen and thrive. It’s your job, regardless of your position within your organization, to foster a healthy work environment for everyone. In this course, we’re going to cover some best practices, as well as some strategies for avoiding common pitfalls

HIPAA (142 mins)

HIPAA. The acronym alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of those in the medical industry and beyond. And it’s no wonder…HIPAA violation settlements can cost an organization millions. In this course, we’ll give you some background on the law. We’ll also talk about who must comply with HIPAA rules, and if the rules apply to you, what type of training you’ll need.

New York State Anti-Harassment (20 mins)

In 2018, the state of New York updated their harassment training laws. Under the new law, all employers of any size must train all of their employees on harassment. This includes contractors, who bid on state contracts. If you haven’t had sexual harassment training in a few years, you’re going to have to pay attention because a lot has changed. In this course, you’re going to receive a full explanation of sexual harassment. We’re also going to go over some examples of conduct that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment. This explanation and these examples are in guidance issued by the New York Department of Labor.

Workplace Compliance - Anti-Harassment (76 mins)

Sexual Harassment is illegal. We're all against it. But, nothing good happens about this topic unless it is openly discussed and everyone takes a stand. The U.S. Supreme Court has "strongly suggested" that every employer in America take action. This class is the way we begin the discussion with each and every employee of our organization. Watch, learn, and take a stand.

Workplace Compliance - HR Policy (71 mins)

If there is one thing you want to avoid, it is a discrimination charge. Not only is it important from a legal standpoint, but also your employment practices define you as a company. There are five keys you need to know that will aid you in being a lawful and ethical employer. These five keys will help you to avoid a potentially catastrophic lawsuit that could come from one of your employees or applicants for employment.

Workplace Compliance - Understanding Harassment (47 mins)

Welcome to our series on understanding sexual harassment. You’re likely already familiar with the legal definitions of sexual harassment. These programs are designed to apply that legal knowledge to your actual work environment with a practical and behavioral perspective so you can identify and stop harassment before it begins. In this course, we’re going to provide a general overview of sexual harassment in today’s workplace. We’ll look at statistics, discuss offenders, targets, and bystanders, and we’ll talk about how sexual harassment is really showing up at work. We’ll also go over context, the perception gap, and creating a culture of prevention.

Workplace Compliance - Legalities (130 mins)

The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, was originally passed in 1938 and is enforced by the United States Department of Labor. You may know that the Act establishes standards regarding two items: minimum wage and overtime pay, but FLSA also establishes standards for employer recordkeeping and youth employment. In this program, we'll answer some common questions regarding FLSA, including who is covered, the differences between exempt versus non-exempt employees, the current minimum wage, overtime pay, work weeks, and age restrictions.

Workplace Compliance - Working Well with Everyone (19 mins)

This is a diversity series, but it’s different than what you’ve probably seen in the past. Instead of discussing legalities, tolerance, or political correctness, we’re going to talk about why diversity is a beneficial and necessary part of today’s workforce.

Please note that these courses are in English. Some may have captions available in German, French or Spanish.