“Based on what our competitors have gone through using .NET and other web-enabled solutions, it would have taken upwards of two-and-a-half to three years to complete what we did in eight months with Adobe ColdFusion.”
Eric Kratz, President, VSR Systems, Inc.

Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise
Enterprise applications. Effortless development.
Slash coding time and effort while developing web and mobile applications that are robust and scalable. Be more productive with significant improvements to your favorite programming language, CFML.
Feature highlights

Asynchronous programming
Asynchronous programming

Boost the performance of your principal application by offloading resource-intensive code segments to a secondary thread. Simply use the RUNASYNC function to execute code without the overhead of managing multiple threads. Once the result is ready to be consumed, you’ll receive a notification.
language enhancements
Language enhancements
Now enjoy all the CFML features you’ve been asking for. Interact with external systems seamlessly with support for null, preservation of data types, and a more intuitive way of creating Java objects. Slash coding effort by manipulating arrays and queries easily. Format DateTime with a single function and much more.

Improved object oriented support
Improved object-oriented support
Increase code reuse, improve modularity, enhance productivity, and implement object-oriented design patterns using final variables, methods and components, abstract components, default functions, and interface and co-variant return types.
REST playground
REST playground
Create and manage all your REST services from a single application. The simple, intuitive UI makes it a breeze to validate the accuracy of your APIs. Make changes to your REST APIs without having to restart your application.

Modern admin UI
Modern admin UI
Enjoy a sleek, new responsive UI built on single web page architecture. Carry out all admin tasks faster with easier access to all the ColdFusion settings — just search for what you need.
Full CFScript Support
Full CFSCRIPT support
Work productively with complete scripting support for CFSCRIPT and even an optional semi colon to end a line of code. Develop applications faster and more easily by accessing every ColdFusion functionality using CFSCRIPT.
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