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Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise
Deep insights. Dramatic results.
Control and optimize with the all-new, powerful Performance Monitoring Toolkit — a standalone server with low overhead. Use end-to-end visibility into your applications, to monitor and troubleshoot server, database, and network issues before they affect customers — in minutes.
Feature highlights

Server monitor
Server monitor
Flag performance issues and isolate problem areas so that you can initiate corrective action much faster. Know the average response time and throughput across the cluster, or specific to a node, application, or page, in real time. The information will also be automatically archived for historical analysis.
Code profiler
Code profiler
Swiftly identify, analyze, debug and resolve complex performance issues buried deep in your code. Get the detailed information required to pinpoint the root cause of bottlenecks, and troubleshoot complex applications more effectively.

External monitor
External monitor
Zero in on external factors such as web services, file system, mail server, LDAP, Microsoft SharePoint, or transfer protocols, that could be slowing down application performance. Ensure that all the components of your IT infrastructure are working in sync.
automatic connector tuning
Automatic connecter tuning
Ensure that your websites are always up and running. Eliminate 503 Service Unavailable errors by allowing the Performance Monitoring Toolkit to dynamically adjust connector settings based on incoming traffic.

Distributed cache
Distributed cache

Improve performance and enhance scalability by leveraging built-in support for three popular industry engines: JCS, Memcached, and Redis. Also plug in your own caching engine by implementing a simple CFML interface.
Database monitor
Database monitor
Make sure your database does not act as a drag on application performance. Monitor all database queries, transactions, and query cache, visually, and get pre-determined or customized alerts to pro-actively take preventive or corrective action.
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