ExtendScript Toolkit CC. Add script to your creative apps.

Access a rich JavaScript development and execution environment to use directly with scriptable Adobe desktop applications. The ExtendScript Toolkit works with many Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC


Usability improvements:
  • APIP/Headlights integration
  • STI removal and availability via CCM
Includes a JavaScript debugger that lets you:
  • Single-step through JavaScript scripts (JS or JSX files) inside an application
  • Inspect all data for a running script
  • Set and execute breakpoints
ESTK 4.0 usability and stability improvements:
  • Automatic document backup
  • Option to open new documents in a floating window
  • Option to display the Object Model Viewer in a dockable window
  • Fast access to clear the Console pane
  • Improved output of debugging sessions

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