The essential font collection for design education

For teachers who wish to enrich their curriculum, or students who want to bring their projects to life.

What is Font Folio Education Essentials?

Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials 11 Student and Teacher Edition is a subset of our popular Font Folio 11.1 collection. It offers 500 OpenType® fonts assembled in collaboration with AIGA, the professional association for design, to provide depth, breadth, and value for higher education. View the list of fonts.

Creative freedom

Spend time designing instead of searching for fonts. You'll find a full range of styles and complete families, freeing you from hours of searching and downloading.

Gold standard in fonts

Design with world-class Adobe typefaces that set the standard for expertly designed fonts. Use award-winning Adobe® Originals typefaces, including one-of-a-kind designs and classic revivals created by leading type designers at Adobe.

Pricing and licensing advantages

Create an educational experience that's both rich and affordable. This collection is designed to put fine fonts in the hands of teachers and students alike — at an affordable price.

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Font Folio Education Essentials


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