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We’re always adding new features to Illustrator so you can create with precision and control.

Array of spring flowers and leaves (on a butterfly) | Adobe Illustrator

Fill shapes with detail and color.

With new Generative Shape Fill, you can quickly fill your vector outline and explore a variety of options that match the look and feel of your own artwork.

Explore endless pattern options.

Create custom, seamless patterns with Text to Pattern. Edit, scale, and save them to your swatch library so you can apply them anywhere in a few clicks.

Add dimensions to designs in a few clicks.

Just click and drag to create guides that display the linear, angular, and radial measurements of your artwork with the Dimension tool. Plus, customize guide units, color, and font.

Generate color with simple text prompts.

Explore endless color combinations. Use {{generative-recolor}} to turn words and concepts into color palettes and apply them to your designs.

Make realistic mockups in one click.

Visualize what your designs will look like in real life with Mockup. Place your vector artwork on a blank product image and it will automatically adjust to corners and curves for realistic results.

Create and edit graphics online.

Make vector graphics, design with text, and more right in your browser with {{illustrator}} on the web (beta). Open existing projects, upload files, and create totally new work.

Create precise lines and shapes that you can combine to make gorgeous graphics.

Generate custom vector graphics.

Create, edit, and scale vector graphics that match your style. Quickly go from text prompt to scene, subject, or icon with the smartest Text to Vector Graphic yet.

Design illustrations with precision.

Use the Pen tool to make straight and curved lines you can edit with anchor points. Combine it with the Curvature and Pencil tool to draw anything you can imagine.

Create curves easily.

Draw intuitive curved lines and shapes using the Curvature tool. Make C-shaped and S-shaped curves, and even draw straight lines to make a complete shape.

Build complex shapes.

Combine common shapes to make complex ones with the Shape Builder tool. Make bold, geometric designs for icons and more.

Draw expressive lines.

Create easy-to-edit, stylish lines with the Paintbrush tool. Add texture and create your own brushes for a custom look.

Create freeform sketches.

Draw naturally with a mouse or stylus with the Pencil tool to create fast sketches and get a hand-drawn look.

Select, move, rotate, scale, and transform your artwork.

Add and edit text in your designs.

Focus on one area of your artwork or view the entire canvas.

Add dimension and color to create designs that leap off the screen.

Make small or dramatic changes to a line or a shape.