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Generative AI comes to InDesign.

Your workflow just got simpler. Text to Image lets you create images with simple text prompts right inside InDesign using Adobe Firefly models that are designed to be commercially safe.

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Advertising graphics

Design interactive catalogs and brochures.

Craft elevated product marketing materials that deliver immersive branding for both digital and print.


Multipage layouts

Make an impact with print.

Lay out designs with thousands of fonts and time-saving layout and typesetting features, and then fine-tune every detail with precise editing tools.

Seamless collaboration

Build a brand together.

Speed up the review process with features that make it simple to share assets, add feedback, and collaborate with stakeholders.

Explore {{indesign}} features.

A web interface with a pink background displays images of minimalist chairs. A cursor hovers over a "Generate" button next to a text overlay that says "Minimalist chair in bright room.

Turn text prompts to images.

Type a prompt and place the perfect image. Use Text to Image to generate images you can use commercially.

Drawing of a file in progress being edited by Photoshop and Illustrator

Transfer work between Adobe apps.

Import Photoshop and Illustrator files into InDesign and save and organize your design assets in Creative Cloud Libraries to access at any time.

Illustration of placeholder text laid over a colorful background

Modify type to fit your designs.

Use kerning and tracking to space out letters precisely and apply Character and Paragraph Styles to your work to quickly format fonts and large amounts of text.

Image of a brochure in progress next to a chatbox simulating the gathering of feedback

Share work and get feedback in-app.

Create a shareable link of your work for collaborators where they can provide feedback. Read their comments in-app and push updates to the same link.

Image of placeholder text next to an icon of a speaker reading text to illustratre an assistive device reading the text

Make accessible PDFs.

Optimize documents for screen readers and other assistive devices right in InDesign, using a streamlined process that saves time and effort, with just a few final steps in Adobe Acrobat.

Image of an InDesign document ready to be published

Publish documents online.

Turn an InDesign document into an interactive version with elements like buttons, slideshows, animations, and more with the Publish Online feature.