Macromedia JRun OEM/ISV

Choose the fast, affordable, and reliable J2EE-compatible application server that's helping leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build powerful and reliable solutions in less time. ISVs are saving time and money by choosing to deploy their applications on Macromedia JRun 4. JRun 4 is elegantly architected to easily allow ISVs to customize JRun 4 to fit their needs.

The Macromedia JRun 4 Software Developer Kit (SDK) gives ISVs the power to customize the installation and configuration of JRun 4. JRun 4 is the affordable J2EE alternative that allows your customers to more cost-effectively install and use your application.

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JRun 4: Platform of Choice for ISVs

Ease of Use

The JRun 4 SDK makes it a breeze for ISVs who embed JRun 4 to customize the installation and configuration of JRun to better fit with your product's requirements. The SDK allows you to modify the JRun installer to exclude certain components, perform a "silent install" of JRun 4, automatically connect JRun 4 to web servers, and modify and extend the JRun Management Console (JMC). The modular, service-based architecture, based on JMX, enables you to activate and configure only the parts of JRun 4 that your product needs and to easily plug your custom-built services into the JRun kernel.

Accelerated Development

JRun 4 is "built for speed", allowing ISVs to more quickly deliver their applications to their customers. JRun 4 installs in minutes with a simple graphical installation utility. The JMC greatly simplifies the administration of web applications, database and web server connections, and server clusters. New hot and auto deploy features make it even easier for you to quickly modify and redeploy your applications.

Solid Return on Investment

JRun 4 offers the best customer value on the market. For ISVs that choose to embed an application server, JRun 4 is an affordable solution that can help you achieve your COGS objectives. If you build your application to be compatible with multiple application servers, choosing JRun 4 gives your customers a cost-effective alternative on which to deploy your application. Additionally, the ease of use, performance, and technical support of JRun 4 give it a low total cost of ownership compared to open source alternatives. JRun 4 enables customers to leverage existing investments by offering complete support for all major operating systems, databases, and web servers.

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