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Discover how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can help you edit your photos on your desktop mobile device, or online for perfect photos every time. Learn how to start editing and expand your photography skills to create your best work yet.

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A picture of a cityscape at sunset open on three different devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Edit photos for the look you want.

Create the work you’ve been imagining with innovative photo editing tools, features, and presets in the world’s most complete and intuitive photo editor. Explore the ways that you can use Lightroom for anything from basic edits to professional workflows so you can make your most powerful images ever.

Photo of a laughing school-aged child with short blond hair on a white background, open in the Lightroom interface.

Make an instant impact.

Use Premium Presets to add the wow factor without all the work. Created by professional photographers but editable by you, Premium Presets are a handy way to touch up photos for print and social media.

Control your colors.

Control midtones, shadows, and highlights with the Color Grading tool. Blend your tone ranges with precision to colorize grayscale photos or produce a unique stylized look.

Photo of light-colored flowers divided in half in the Lightroom interface. Part of the image is in cool blue tones while the other half is in pink.
Image of person with curly hair and a studded jacket in front of a building, with the person selected in the Lightroom interface.

Work with tools that don’t slow you down.

Select a person, animal, object, or even the sky in your photos in a single click. From there, it’s simple to edit selected areas so you can create exactly the photo you want, fast.

Fine-tune every detail.

Smooth out or increase texture. Eliminate or accentuate haze, mist, and smoke. Soften or sharpen edges. Editing tools like the texture, dehaze, and clarity sliders help you bring out the best in every photo.

Image of a car parked in a cornfield with a passenger leaning against the door and a medium-size dog standing on the car's roof.