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Lightroom CC

People View improvements

Find and organize people faster with improved load times, last name sorting, and the ability to merge People clusters on-the-go.

Faster imports on desktop

Import photos faster from your camera or memory card to your desktop.

Lightroom CC

People view

Find photos of specific people faster now that Lightroom uses Adobe Sensei technology to automatically sort your photos based on who’s in them.

Apple Photos import (macOS only)

Easily import your Apple Photos library into Lightroom on your desktop. They’ll be synced to the cloud so you can access, edit, organize, and share them on all your devices.

Adobe Portfolio integration

Showcase your photos on the web now that you can send them directly to Adobe Portfolio from Lightroom on your desktop.

Search improvements

Start typing in the search bar and Lightroom automatically offers suggestions to help you quickly find what you need. It’s all powered by Adobe Sensei technology.

Improved high-ISO rendering

Get natural color in your low-light, high-ISO shots.

Lightroom CC

Local storage option for albums

Store an album’s photos on your local device so you can easily work on them offline.

HEIC support on Windows

Import HEIC images into Lightroom CC on Windows.

Lightroom CC

Preset and profile syncing

Now you can access all your presets and profiles — including custom and third-party presets — across desktop, mobile, and web.

Batch editing on desktop

Quickly create consistent looks by applying edits from one photo to multiple photos in Lightroom CC on your desktop.

Healing Brush on Android and iOS

Remove sensor dust and other photo distractions using the nondestructive Healing Brush.

Preset creation on Android and iOS

Easily save your favorite sets of edits to reuse again by creating custom presets.

Easier preset creation

Quickly add presets and profiles from a new option in the File menu.

Web sharing improvements

Easily adjust your sharing settings and allow downloads on Lightroom CC for web.

Profile management

Use an improved menu to turn on or off a group of profiles and easily import new profiles into Lightroom CC.

Chromatic abberation removal on iOS

Use a toggle in the Optics panel to get rid of chromatic aberrations in your photos.

Lightroom CC

Creative Profiles

Get the exact look you want for your photos by applying modern, artistic, vintage, or black-and-white styles with one click. Creative Profiles are a great starting point for editing, and you can also apply them on top of previous adjustments since they preserve the values of your editing sliders.

Adobe Raw Profiles

The best starting point for raw photo editing, these one-click profiles are designed to give you greater control over the look of your color photos, monochromes, portraits, landscapes, and more.

Camera Profiles

Apply a profile specific to your camera manufacturer if you’d like your photos to look the way they appear on your camera’s display screen.

Upright, Guided Upright, and Geometry sliders on iOS

Capture the perfect perspective with tools that make it easy to straighten skewed horizontal and vertical lines — including in photos where the horizon is hidden.

Support for Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives

Easily import images from an NAS device by connecting it to Lightroom CC.

Lightroom CC

Performance improvements

Experience faster performance when moving between photos in Detail View and saving photos to your hard drive.


Easily apply copyright information to imported photos using a new option in the Preferences panel.

Upright, Guided Upright, and Geometry sliders on Android

Capture the perfect perspective with tools that make it easy to straighten skewed horizontal and vertical lines — including in photos where the horizon is hidden.

Lightroom CC

Tone Curve

Precisely control photo contrast and adjust individual color channels to achieve creative effects.

Split Toning

Stylize your photos and create artistic looks by applying color tints or tones to the highlights and shadows.


Start your edits with Auto, which uses Adobe Sensei technology to intelligently apply adjustments based on a photo’s light and color characteristics.

Full-screen view

See your photos in all their glory with full-screen view.