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Instantly remove distractions from photos.

See everything you want and nothing you don’t. It’s easy to remove distractions from the background with Generative Remove powered by Firefly generative AI.

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Get your best shot with Generative Remove.

Go from picture to perfect in an instant. Easily remove photo distractions even on complex backgrounds with Adobe Firefly generative AI.

Crowd control made easy.

Crowd control made easy.

Say goodbye to photobombers, concert crowds, and too many tourists. Make them simply disappear with Generative Remove.

Clear landscapes fast.

Clean up cluttered landscapes in a snap. Use generative AI to remove telephone poles, signage, and trash cans so all your shots show is the scenery.

Clear landscapes fast.
Share stunning selfies.

Share stunning selfies.

Make your selfies and portraits share-worthy in seconds. Easily remove imperfections, stray hairs, and complex clothing stains even on your favorite plaid shirt.

Focus on the food.

Instantly create five-star food photography with Generative Remove. Quickly clear away food spills and dirty dishes so you can focus on the meal not the mess.

Focus on the food.
Tip: For best results, size the brush slightly larger than the object you’d like to remove and brush over the entire object, including any shadows it may be casting

Frequently asked questions.

What is Generative Remove in Lightroom?
Generative Remove is a generative AI tool powered by Adobe Firefly that enables you to remove unwanted objects and distractions from your image, even on complex patterns or backgrounds.
Is Generative Remove free?
You can access generative AI tools like Generative Remove within Lightroom with either a membership or a free trial.
What can you use Generative Remove for?
With Generative Remove, you can remove photobombers, crowds, and other distracting people from busy backgrounds. Also, get rid of unsightly objects in landscape settings like signage, trash cans, and wires. Into food photography? Take out spills, stains, and other distractions so all that’s left is the perfect shot.
What is the difference between Generative Remove in Lightroom and tools like Generative Fill in Photoshop?
Generative Remove in Lightroom uses Firefly technology to analyze the area in your photo surrounding the selected removal and then replaces it with an emulated background to match. Generative Fill in Photoshop uses the same technology but uses a text prompt to add and remove content from your image.
Which Lightroom version has Generative Remove?
You must have Lightroom and Lightroom Classic versions 7.3 or Lightroom mobile version 9.3 installed to access Generative Remove.
How is Adobe ensuring that appropriate Content Credentials are attributed to work created with Generative Remove?
When Generative Remove becomes generally available, Content Credentials will be automatically attached to photos edited with the feature in Lightroom.
What is Adobe Firefly?
Adobe Firefly is Adobe’s generative AI model that powers tools like Generative Fill & Expand in Adobe Photoshop