Lightroom features

Lens Blur lets you
focus on the moment.

Change the look of any photo with instant blur effects powered by AI. Lens Blur lets you highlight your subject and blur out the rest.

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Create perfect portrait effects.

Make your subjects stand out in a snap with Lens Blur. Choose from seven different blur effects to change the mood effortlessly.

Blur busy backgrounds

Blur busy backgrounds.

Quickly blur distracting backgrounds to highlight any subject you choose. Lens Blur lets you create stunning portraits that keep your friends and family as the focus.

Stunning scenery in a snap.

No fancy camera equipment? No problem. Instantly create dramatic photo effects with custom settings that let you adjust the blur amount and soften landscape backgrounds to your liking.

Stunning scenery in a snap
Make tasteful food photos.

Make tasteful food photos.

Feed your social feeds with food blog-worthy shots in seconds. Use Lens Blur to put the focus on dinner and blur out the rest.

Light up the city.

Use Lens Blur presets to quickly change the size and shape of light coming from street lamps, twinkly tree lights, or lit cityscapes.

Light up the city.
Tip: Lens Blur works best with images that have a clear subject in the foreground and concentrated light points in the background, such as nighttime portraits in front of city lights.

Frequently asked questions.

What is Lens Blur in Lightroom?
Lens Blur lets you choose a part of your photo to make it stand out by blurring the surrounding area. You can then adjust the placement, strength, and shape of the blur to your liking.
Is Lens Blur free?
You can access Lens Blur in Lightroom with either a membership or a free trial.
What can you use Lens Blur for?
Abstract distracting backgrounds in portraits to make subjects pop. Blur the background behind an outdoor family photo with busy greenery. Add dramatic effects to landscapes and natural settings. Blur the sunset behind a gorgeous tree for a gauzy pastel backdrop. Blur busy backgrounds in food photography to highlight the meal and drinks in the foreground. Get dreamy effects from city lights and street photography featuring artificial light sources. Play with the size and shape of the blur to change the look of street lamps, lit windows, and twinkly tree lights.
Which Lightroom version has Lens Blur?
You must have Lightroom and Lightroom Classic versions 7.3 or Lightroom mobile version 9.3 installed to access the latest version of Lens Blur and our new Lens Blur Adaptive Presets.