Edit photos faster with Lightroom presets.

Get access to tons of high-quality, customizable presets and professionally created Premium Presets for mobile and desktop in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Learn how to save time photo editing by making one-click transformations with presets.

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Two people holding hands across a wooden table with coffee cups on it, viewed from above.

Lightroom presets free up your creativity.

Simplify your post-processing with Lightroom presets. You can even use our growing number of Premium Presets from top photographers to turn ordinary snapshots into something amazing.

Photo of a laughing school-aged child with short blond hair on a white background, open in the Lightroom interface.

Get an instant glow-up with Premium Presets

Enhance portraits in a flash with presets for every skin tone. Creative Cloud subscribers have access to a growing number of professionally created presets for every type of photo.

Level up your editing skills.

Find your favorite Lightroom presets and make them your own. With all the adjustments exposed, you can make changes to presets and achieve exactly the look you’re going for.

Image of two laughing people standing in front of a brick wall inside of the Lightroom product interface with the editing menus open.
A photo of single tree with low mountains and a blue sky in the background, open in the Lightroom interface.

Speed up your workflow.

Make your photos pop, fast, with Recommended Presets, which uses artificial intelligence to search through thousands of Lightroom presets to find the best one for your photo.

Edit anywhere, anytime.

Use Lightroom mobile presets to create stunning images wherever you are. Desktop and mobile presets sync automatically so you always have access to your favorites.

Hand holding a phone showing an image of a woman in a black and white dress in the Lightroom mobile interface.

Customize, share, and import.

Create Lightroom presets of your own to share. Or find and save presets that deliver stunning new looks from a community of photographers like you.

Discover your favorite Lightroom presets.

Kick things off with hundreds of free presets from the community or play with professionally created Premium Presets with your Lightroom subscription.

Build your own.

Save your own photo adjustments as a Lightroom preset you can use on mobile and desktop.

Search online.

Find amazing presets online for free or purchase presets from talented photographers and vendors.

Share the wealth.

Get presets directly from friends or fellow photographers, or create and share your own.

Get started with Lightroom presets.

Presets make your life easier, whether you’re a beginner or a professional photographer. Here’s how you can start using them for your own photos:

Improve your city photography with Sam Horine’s free presets

How to apply Lightroom presets to your photos.

Start using presets right away by trying the ones that are already available in Lightroom.

  • Launch Lightroom on desktop and select a photo.
  • Click into the Edit menu (or press E for a shortcut).
  • Select the presets button from within the Edit menu.
  • Choose from the Recommended, Premium, or Yours categories.
  • Select your desired preset and continue editing.
Sharpen your nature photos with Elise Sterk’s free presets

How to add presets to Lightroom.

Even though Lightroom comes with presets already installed, you can import new presets directly from participating photographers.

  • Download your favorite presets.
  • Launch Lightroom on desktop and navigate to File > Import Profiles & Presets.
  • Select the presets you’d like to add.
  • Click Import.

Learn how to work with presets in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom for mobile.

Develop crisp action photos with Greg Noire’s free presets

How to use Lightroom presets that you’ve imported.

Applying imported Lightroom presets works a lot like using the built-in ones.

  • Launch Lightroom on desktop and select a photo.
  • Click into the Edit menu (or press E for a shortcut).
  • Select the presets button from within the Edit menu.
  • Click the Yours category and choose the Saved Presets option.
  • Select your desired preset and continue editing.
Close up of two people clinking glass mugs in a festive manner.

How to save presets from the Lightroom Discover tab.

The Discover tab in Lightroom puts in-app learning and inspiration at your fingertips. Plus, you can save other photographers’ edits as presets you can use for your own photos.

  • Launch Lightroom on desktop and navigate to the Discover tab.
  • Choose a photo that captures the look you’re going for.
  • Click Save as Preset on the top right of the Discover panel.
  • Navigate to the All Photos tab and select your desired photo.
  • Click into the Edit menu and select the presets button.
  • In the Yours category, go to Saved from Discover.
  • Select your desired preset and continue editing.

Download free Lightroom presets.

Level up your photo editing with over 40 free Lightroom presets. Predefined settings allow you to transform your photos into a certain style or aesthetic with a single click filter. Easy to install, use and edit on the go.

Free Lightroom presets for basic editing.

Basic presets.

From food photography to portraits – get your free bundle with nine essential presets.

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Free portrait Lightroom presets for Instagram and more.

Portrait presets.

Highlight your model's unique features with three free portrait presets.

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Download free night presets for easy editing in Lightroom.

Night presets.

This bundle contains four presets. Dive into the night and edit your photos to a professional level.

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Lightroom filters as free presets for vibrant colour editing.

Colour presets.

This bundle contains three presets to emphasise the vibrant colours and unique shades of your photos.

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Get free nature presets to use in Lightroom.

Nature preset.

Bring out the breathtaking beauty of nature and fine-tune your photos with this free preset.

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Download architecture Lightroom presets for free.

Architecture presets.

Enhance the aesthetics of architecture and give your photos a unique look with 18 architecture presets.

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Edit street photography with free Lightroom presets.

Street preset.

Moody cityscapes and dramatic lighting – give your street photos an atmospheric feel with this preset.

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Put your pet in the spotlight with free presets for Lightroom.

Pet presets.

Put your dog or cat in the spotlight with just a few clicks – with four free presets for animal lovers.

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Download over 40 professional Lightroom presets for free.

All presets.

Get all 43 free Lightroom presets in one bundle and have fun experimenting with your photos.

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Take your photo editing to the next level.

Learn how to install and use Lightroom presets with these resources and tutorials.

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Use presets on the go.

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Get all the answers.

Learn how to install Lightroom presets, whether they're custom or third-party.

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