Streamline your photo storage.

Discover a system that simplifies. Adobe Lightroom offers the industry standard in photo management software. And with the power of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology, your online photo storage does a lot to manage itself, so you never have to worry about losing track of your most high-quality shots.


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Photo management software.

Make photo organization easy.

You take lots of photos. You edit lots of photos. But you shouldn’t have to spend lots of time on the hassle of managing them. Lightroom provides photo management software that makes it easier and more efficient than ever to store photos online. Why spend time organizing your digital photos when you could spend time doing what you love?

Automatically save photos to share.

Save photos to share on the fly.

Using a mobile app photo editor on your iPhone or smartphone? Those edits are already saved and ready on your tablet. Lightroom lets you manage your image library from any computer or mobile device and gives you access to everything you want to share, whenever you want to share it.

Adobe Sensei powers quick and easy intelligent image search.

Experience intelligent image search.

Adobe Sensei’s machine learning recognizes the content of your image files, so you can get right to what you’re looking for. Find those shots from the mountain or, with facial recognition, the photos of your friend Dorothy — whether you added keywords or not. All with a quick and simple search. 

Label images for easy photo organization.

Use image labels for custom categories.

Lightroom comes equipped with organizational tools like ratings and flags so you can mark the photos you like best and create albums with a click. With all your images in one easy-to-find place, you can use these tools to view any set you want.

Powerful photo management software and image storage.

Store every photo, worry-free.

Lightroom pairs powerful photo management software with enough storage space for your whole image library. Start with 1 terabyte of cloud storage, and opt for more as needed. Discover online photo storage that’s impressively organized and always reliable. 

Skip the usual photo storage headaches.

Storing images can be a tangle of labels and folders and many, many external hard drives. Managing photos with Lightroom helps cut through the clutter, making it possible to search your whole photo library, sort or filter according to your needs, and save your edits without duplicating your images. 

Powerful image organization.

All your photos in one place.

No one likes getting lost among files and folders, especially when they’re spread across multiple drives and devices. Lightroom is a photo organizer that helps resolve those redundancies by allowing you to save your images in one secure location with no risk of hardware failure.

Automatically save non-destructive image edits.

No need for endless copies of the same image.

Lightroom uses non-destructive edits, which means there’s no need to create copies to preserve your original image. Your photo editing adjustments save automatically, preserving the original and your changes in the same version. 

Learn from our best.

Quick Lightroom tutorials.

Step-by-step how-tos show you exactly how to take advantage of all the photo management features in Lightroom, from setting up storage options to adding and organizing your photos.

Organize your photos in Lightroom.

Organize your photos in Lightroom.

Use albums, flags, and ratings to organize your images online.

Organize your photos in Lightroom.

Save and share your photos.

Make uploading images easy from an email or message attachments to printing photos or posting online.

Make image search work for you.

Make image search work for you.

Find photos by content with auto-tagging.

Add and organize from anywhere.

Add and organize from anywhere.

Learn how to easily add images from desktop, mobile, and web.

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Lightroom on desktop and mobile, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop on desktop and iPad. Learn more


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