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Next-level Generative Fill. Now in Photoshop.

The next generation of Generative Fill, powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model, is now in the Photoshop (beta) app. Create richer, more lifelike images with more control than ever before.

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Make content in powerful new ways with Generative Fill.

From concepting creative ideas to making complex edits and refinements, Generative Fill can help you quickly realize your vision while giving you complete control over every creation.

How to use Generative Fill in Photoshop.

  • Use any selection tool to select an object or area in your image. Select the Generative Fill button in the Contextual Task Bar that appears.
  • Write a prompt describing the object or scene you want to generate in the text-entry prompt box. Or leave it blank and Photoshop will fill in the selection based on the surroundings. To further customize your results in the Photoshop (beta) app, click on Reference Image and upload an example image containing desired content, like a jean jacket. Use just the image or combine it with a prompt to tailor your result even more.
  • Click Generate. You’ll see thumbnail previews of variations generated based on your prompt, and a Generative Layer will be created in your Layers panel for non destructive editing of your original image. To see variations of your favorite result in the Photoshop (beta) app, select it and then click on Generate Similar to see new versions of that image.

    Tip: To generate even more options, click Generate again. You can also try editing your prompt to fine-tune your results.
Create stunning, lifelike images with a new level of quality Create stunning, lifelike images with a new level of quality, precision, and control with the most advanced Generative Fill yet.

Turn nothing into something faster than ever.

Explore the next generation of Generative Fill.

The latest version of Generative Fill is the most powerful yet — and you can try it now in the Photoshop (beta) app. Create richer, more lifelike images with results that more closely resemble your prompts.

You can also customize your images like never before. Upload a reference image — like a vintage dress or a landscape — for results that match the look you want. And get more of what you like with Generate Similar. Choose your favorite generated images and create more variations with similar content.

Anyone can create incredible images with the new Generative Fill.

Questions? We have answers.

What is Generative Fill in Photoshop?

Generative Fill is a generative AI tool powered by Adobe Firefly that enables you to add and remove content from images nondestructively using simple text prompts to achieve realistic results. (Not available for users in China.)

Is Generative Fill free?

You can access generative AI tools like Generative Fill and a set number of Generative Credits within Photoshop with either a membership or a free trial.

What can you use Generative Fill for?

Generative Fill is a feature within Photoshop that is powered by Firefly and can be used to add and remove content from images.

Which Photoshop version has Generative Fill?

You must have Photoshop version 25.0 installed to access Generative Fill. Ensure that you’re using build m.2181 by clicking on Help in the Photoshop menu bar and then selecting System Info from the dropdown menu. To try the latest version of Generative Fill, install the Photoshop (beta) app.

Is Generative Fill designed to be safe for commercial use?

Yes. You can create confidently, knowing that the current Firefly generative AI model was trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content where copyright has expired. While generative AI features are available for use in the Photoshop (beta) app, the content generated in the Photoshop (beta) app may not be used for commercial purposes.
This will depend on your local jurisdiction. If you are interested in learning more about this issue, check out this Copyright Alliance blog post by Adobe’s lead copyright attorney.

What are the steps to install the Photoshop (beta) app with new generative AI features?

Get detailed instructions here.


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