Unlock the power of procedural design.

Create seamless materials, patterns, image filters, and environment lights with infinite variations.


Discover the foundations of Substance 3D Designer.

Jump-start your creativity with foundational video tutorials showing how 3D design artists author textures with Substance 3D. | ImageLink | :play:

Author materials with the industry standard.

Designer’s Academy Award-winning 3D design technology is used by leading professionals across many industries.

Create non-destructively.

Using a node-based workflow allows creatives to build non-linearly, so every step can be adjusted later.

Go beyond 3D materials.

Generate patterns, image filters, lights, and more with Designer’s powerful toolset.

Supercharge your 3D design pipeline.

Access an extensive set of APIs so you can build and share plugins and create tools and utility graphs to supercharge your pipeline.

The features in Substance 3D Designer give you complete authoring control for material creation — and more.

Ever-growing content library

Access hundreds of nodes, filters, patterns, and randomizable noises.

HDR lighting creation

Build parametric lighting stages using procedural lights or 360° images.

Color management

Take advantage of Pantone and OpenColorIO support.

MDL support

Create MDL materials with the dedicated shader graph.

Open ecosystem

Easily send your materials and filters to other Substance 3D apps.