Paint life into your 3D assets.

Substance 3D offers the tools you need to texture 3D assets. Modernize your texturing process with advanced brushes and smart materials.


Discover the foundations of Substance 3D Painter.

Jump-start your creativity with foundational video tutorials. | ImageLink | :play:
hyper-realistic 3D smart watch created using 3D texturing software

Meet the industry’s standard texturing software.

Painter is the go-to texturing app for 3D professionals everywhere.

Find creative freedom.

Painter can help no matter what 3D style you’re aiming for, from photorealism to stylized art.

Find creative freedom
Blue stripes 3D painted on a model of a woman's face

Enhance artistry with smart tools.

Parametric brushes and tools allow you to paint the perfect look for any asset.

See exactly what you get.

Painter’s state-of-the-art viewport lets you view your work in real time, with effects like lighting and shadows.

See exactly what you get.

Painter is non-destructive.

Every action and stroke is recorded and can be recomputed at any time. Modify paint strokes or even change resolution at any time without ever losing any work.

Power and usability provides an excellent painting experience. | ""

Powerful paint engine

Paint with dynamic brushes, projection tools, particles, including Photoshop brush presets. | ""

Smart masks and materials

Apply realistic surface details, from subtle dusting to extreme wear and tear, and more. | ""

Advanced material creation

Mimic real-world material behaviors such as sheen, anisotropy, clear-coat, subsurface scattering, and more. | ""

Easy exports

Export to any renderer or game engine easily. Create custom export presets to fit Painter into your 3D design pipeline. | ""

Icon- Automatic UVs

Imported models don't need any special preparation to get them ready for texturing. | ""

VFX support

Painter supports multi-tile painting (UDIMS), Alembic, camera import, and Python scripting and is compliant with the VFX Reference Platform.