ICad 3D+ and Adobe Substance: perfect allies

Adobe Substance 3D and ICad 3D+ work in perfect harmony, since Adobe Substance 3D materials are natively supported into ICad. This helps designers and brands to work in an agile, fluid manner, without interruptions and in a completely digital way.

Computer monitor showing the Adobe Substance 3D and ICad 3D+ working together

Imagine your creation

Access the Adobe Substance 3D Assets library to explore thousands of ready to use, photorealistic Substance 3D materials. Explore infinite variations for each material. Download your favorites and load them natively in ICad 3D+.

Design without limits

Create your own Substance 3D materials from simple pictures or scans, or even from scratch, using Substance 3D Sampler or Designer.

Work Substance materials in ICad 3D+

The materials that you can download or create in Adobe Substance 3D and load in ICad 3D+ are parametric. Therefore, you can customize them: edit the parameters of Substance 3D materials natively in ICad 3D+ and visualize the results of your design in real-time. You will enjoy a unique design and productivity experience.


Work and share your designs online

ICad Workspace is the cloud tool with which you can work and share your designs made with ICad 3D+.

Artist shown editing a sports shoe in Adobe Substance 3D and ICad 3D+

Now ICad 3D+ comes with 10 materials of Free Adobe Substance.

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