Maverick has two main flavors:

  1. Maverick Studio, for CAD users and product designers.
  2. Maverick Indie, for CG artists and render generalists.
With the integration of {{substance}} in Maverick, you can now easily import and use high quality {{substance}} materials. The support of {{substance}} allows you to increase the level of photorealistic visualization of materials.

Check out the Maverick’s native support for Substance SBSAR files

Thanks to the {{substance}} integration, easily drag and drop any {{substance}} material (.sbsar) on an object in Maverick Indie or Maverick Studio. Adjust the resolution of the textures (up to 4K), select a preset and tweak the parameters: when a value is edited, you will see the variations in real-time in Maverick viewer.

Check out a practical example using {{substance}} in Maverick:

Additionally, Maverick has added “one-click” workflows to easily import models from {{substance}} 3D Painter, making it easy for artists to illuminate and render their models and materials in photorealistic quality.

Check out Maverick tutorials on YouTube

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