Christopher Slye joined the typographic staff at Adobe in 1997, where he helped to expand the design and functionality of Adobe Originals typefaces, including Myriad, Tekton, Caflisch Script, and others. Later, as Technical Product Manager for Type, he helped guide Adobe’s type-related technology and initiatives, including its partnership with, and acquisition of, the pioneering web font service Typekit. Christopher is now a member of Adobe’s Typekit team, where he works to improve the way people use and experience type.
Christopher is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. In the late ’80s, he was inspired by the emerging field of digital typography. He studied type design and type history while working as a graphic designer, eventually producing the Elmhurst typeface family (distributed by Font Bureau), and consulting for type-related companies such as Monotype and MvB Design.
Christopher is a member of the SOTA board of directors, which brings you TypeCon each year.
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