LEMBRETE: A Adobe descontinuará o AIR no final de 2020. Acesse aqui para obter mais informações. Se você tiver outras dúvidas ou preocupações, envie um email para: ccampbel@adobe.com.
Distribute Adobe AIR
The Adobe® AIR® runtime is available for limited distribution under special license.  The license includes distribution within a company or organizational intranet, on fixed media such as a CD/DVD, or with a bundled software product. Distribution via an externally facing Internet site is prohibited.
Read the FAQ for answers to common questions about distribution of the Adobe AIR runtime.


Web distribution
You do not need to sign the Adobe AIR Runtime Distribution License Agreement to have your website direct end users to Adobe.com in order to download the Adobe AIR runtime. Also, you do not need to sign the license agreement if you are using the Adobe AIR seamless install feature (via the install badge).
Individual users
If you are an individual user who wants to download the Adobe AIR runtime for personal use, you do not need a distribution agreement. Instead, you should download the Adobe AIR runtime directly from Adobe's website and use it in accordance with the included software license agreement.
PC manufacturers
If you would like to bundle the Adobe AIR runtime with your computers, please apply for a distribution license and Adobe will contact you directly. Any additional questions can be directed to oem-air@adobe.com.
Digital home OEMs
Please contact efbiz@adobe.com for information about licensing AIR for TV on digital home devices.
License Overview
Under the Adobe AIR Distribution License Agreement, you may post the Adobe AIR runtime installer on company intranet sites or local networks. You may also distribute the Adobe AIR runtime on a standalone basis or distribute it on a CD, DVD, or other physical media. In order to be eligible to enter into an Adobe AIR Distribution License Agreement with Adobe, you must submit an application to Adobe in which you provide us with information about your intended distribution. If approved, you will be entitled to distribute Adobe AIR in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
Here is a brief summary of the rights and restrictions under the Adobe AIR Distribution License Agreement:
  • Licensee may distribute the Adobe AIR runtime to multiple clients in a closed intranet environment.
  • Licensee may distribute the Adobe AIR runtime to multiple end users by including the Adobe AIR runtime installers on CDs, DVDs, or the other physical media.
  • Licensee may distribute the Adobe AIR installers only for use on supported platforms; for example, non-PC devices and embedded systems are not supported platforms. If you want to redistribute the Adobe AIR runtime on unsupported operating systems or devices, contact Adobe at license-air@adobe.com for more information.
  • Licensee may distribute the Adobe AIR runtime files as part of a software product or within a native installer.
  • Licensee must distribute the Adobe AIR installers and files without modification.
  • Licensees, at its discretion, is entitled to display the "Includes Adobe AIR" logos on products or intranet sites according to the Adobe Trademark Guidelines.
  • Licensee may not distribute the Adobe AIR installer or installer files for purposes of bypassing installation of the Adobe AIR runtime, an Adobe AIR application, or the license agreement.
  • Licensee may not distribute or use the Adobe AIR runtime, runtime libraries or components, or installer files in an undocumented manner. Refer to the FAQ for more details.


If you feel this agreement isn't right for you and would like to speak with Adobe about a custom distribution agreement, send an email to license-air@adobe.com.
Apply for a License
The application will take a few minutes to complete and will require you to provide general information about your intended use of Adobe AIR. At the end of the process, you will be provided with a link to the AIR runtime installers by email. Your agreement with Adobe is not effective until your application has been accepted and you have received the Adobe AIR Distribution License agreement via email.
Note: Deploying Adobe AIR via Group Policy Objects (GPOs) or Active Directory is not a supported option. If you require this type of deployment, send an email to license-air-enterprise@adobe.com so that Adobe can notify you when that feature becomes available.