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"We can rapidly build enterprise-class software deployed at a fraction of the cost of other frameworks. The Adobe technology platform allows us to quickly release applications that run across multiple operating systems and in occasionally connected environments, providing greater resiliency in a mission-critical setting."

— Kevin Chesney, CEO

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American Cancer Society

"Adobe AIR has given us the ability to bring our rich Internet applications out of the browser and onto anyone's desktop, on any platform, with user interfaces richer than traditional desktop applications."

— Barry Tolnas, director of special projects

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AOL Top 100 Videos

"Adobe AIR takes the integration of the desktop and web services to the next level."

— Sun Sachs, vice president, Key Experiences, AOL Interactive Design and Development

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Brand Up

"If I tried to write this application in C, it would take five times longer just to get it to work on Windows and then I'd have to do it for Macintosh. With Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR, we're saving months of development time."

— Chris Hughes, chief technical officer

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"We wanted for a long time to create a desktop presence. Previously, our team agreed it was too expensive and couldn't be done. Then along came Adobe AIR."

— Alan Lewis, product manager, eBay Desktop

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E*TRADE Germany

"Compared to other development platforms like Java, such complex and dynamic Adobe Flex applications are much easier to integrate and more efficient to maintain. This new solution offers our customers significant trading advantages."

— Matthias Hach, managing director

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"Our AIR application lets us offer customers a high-quality, branded music player on the desktop. It adds convenience to online listening in a way that enhances our music services and opens up new business opportunities for us."

— Martin Kay, CEO

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"There's no doubt that working in Adobe AIR is a huge benefit. The ability to process trading data on the desktop enables NASDAQ to deliver valuable data analysis at a lower cost to everyone involved."

— Randall Hopkins, vice president, NASDAQ Market Data

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"The ability to compile to Flash Player 9 with Adobe Flex 3 is huge for us. We can integrate all the latest enhancements into our work, without requiring our customers to upgrade. Runtime Localization is also a big item for us, as we plan to offer Scrapblog in other languages."

— Carlos Garcia, CEO and cofounder

"With the Adobe technology platform for RIAs, we can deliver highly interactive, easy-to-use applications that our audience can enjoy right away. It lets us take our services and brand from the web to the desktop, keeping viewers engaged wherever they want to be."

— Steve Youngwood, executive vice president, digital media, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group

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Wilson Sporting Goods

"Adobe Flex 3 allows us to create more rich and enabling online experiences to represent our brands more accurately. For our DeMarini brand, we created a multichannel video player driven from XML that is a complete Flex 3 application. We used the new style design view for skinning and for styling the various components within the application. The short learning curve for Flex 3 was also imperative for the goal of updating the Wilson brand sites. In just a day or two, developers were able to start working within the Flex Builder IDE. I challenge anyone to be able to do that with other solutions."

— Nick Collins, senior Flex developer


"Adobe AIR enables us to build Joggle, a powerful consumer data aggregation and virtualization application, as both a Web service and a true cross-platform desktop application from a single codebase. Not only does this provide enormous efficiencies in software engineering, it gives the service a consistent user experience across platforms without additional work. The AIR development environment and rich APIs frees the team to focus on Joggle's innovative features of delivering a new experience in the way consumers find, manage and share their content no matter where it resides — online, on a computer, on any drive."

— Matt McRae, vice president of marketing
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