Designer/developer workflow

The improved user experience provided by rich Internet applications (RIAs) comes from designers and developers working together to refine the user experience through multiple rounds of iteration. Designers and developers who build RIAs quickly realize that one of the most important considerations in selecting tools is whether they will support this complex development model. The Adobe technology platform makes it fast and easy for designers and developers to work together in the creation of RIAs.

Designers can author assets using their preferred tools in Adobe® Creative Suite® software, and then export the assets to native Flex formats for use by developers as they build RIAs. Developers can then use powerful wizards to easily incorporate these design assets into user interfaces for Flex applications.

Designer and developer workflow

The Adobe Flex® framework introduces new skin design extensions for Adobe Flash®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Fireworks®.

With the ability to now seamlessly import Photoshop files into Flash, developers can quickly and easily place Photoshop effects into Flash movies. New integration between Illustrator and Flex means Flex applications can be easily reskinned based on a design created with Illustrator. Finally, designers who work with Flash can now create custom, interactive Flex components that can easily be used by developers who are building Flex applications.

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