Adobe solutions for eLearning

Adobe solutions for eLearning help organizations increase knowledge and improve skills by connecting people, ideas, and information in online courses with engaging interactive content. eLearning can include formal online courses and simulations as well as informal and workflow learning using web conferencing, mobile performance support tools, digital learning games, publications, and podcasts.

Adobe knows that the eLearning ecosystem in most enterprises touches many parts of the organization. Our solutions are developed knowing that eLearning professionals work in training departments, product development, sales and marketing departments, and customer education programs.

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What products does Adobe offer in its solutions for eLearning?
According to a recent survey by the eLearning Guild, five of the top seven tools currently used by eLearning professionals come from Adobe. These include Macromedia® Authorware®, Breeze®, Captivate™, Dreamweaver®, and Flash® software. As eLearning continues to shift from a static "Web 1.0" style publishing paradigm toward a "Web 2.0" style connected ecosystem, additional Adobe products such as Adobe® Acrobat®, Adobe Flex™, and Adobe Photoshop® Elements, as well as Macromedia Contribute™, Director®, and Flash Lite™ software will enable learners to engage with ideas and information, anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device.
How are Adobe solutions being used to create engaging eLearning experiences?
Learning professionals use Adobe solutions to develop and deliver a wide variety of learning, training, and performance support applications, including demonstrations and simulations; distance learning courses; executive education programs; seminars and e-seminars; coaching, mentoring, and advising; and shared group learning, such as project reviews and committee meetings.
Adobe solutions for eLearning focus on improving both individual achievement and enterprise results in diverse fields such as new employee orientation, compliance training, customer education, channel education, performance support for mobile workers and field-based personnel, and decision support for first responders and emergency medical service providers.
What are Adobe's plans for future eLearning products?
The distinction between eLearning and traditional learning is blurring as technology continues to pervade all facets of contemporary life. Adobe will continue to develop and deliver products such as Acrobat, Breeze, and Captivate for rapidly creating rich, engaging online courseware. Adobe's traditional eLearning content creation solutions include Flash, Dreamweaver, and Authorware. In the future, content-producing tools such as Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premiere® Elements, Contribute, Flash Lite, and Director will help extend content creation capabilities, including blogging, podcasting, rich web video and mobile content for handhelds and mobile telephones, and digital learning games.
What are Adobe's plans for Macromedia Captivate software?
Adobe will continue to support and develop Captivate as the leading tool for creating interactive simulations and software demonstrations for training professionals. In addition to providing exciting new features, the next version will be rebranded as "Adobe Captivate 2."
What new features will be added to the upcoming version of Captivate?
Adobe has not yet announced a feature list for Adobe Captivate 2 software. However, the revolutionary "branching view" was demonstrated during the Sneak Peek session at the 2005 MAX conference. This new view enables anyone to easily develop complex branched training scenarios with no programming or scripting skills.
When will Adobe Captivate 2 software be released?
Adobe Captivate 2 is currently in development, and the prerelease program is under way. A release date for the next version has not yet been announced.
Can I participate in the Captivate prerelease program?
All testers for the prerelease program have been selected, and the program is full.
If I own a previous version of Captivate software, can I upgrade to Adobe Captivate 2 when it is released?
You will be eligible to upgrade if you own Macromedia Captivate or RoboDemo 5. The upgrade price will be US$299, and the product will be available via resellers as well as online through the Adobe Store. Until the release of Adobe Captivate 2, you can still upgrade to the current available version, Macromedia Captivate, from RoboDemo 4 and 5.
How do I get technical support for Macromedia Captivate?
Adobe provides a range of free and fee-based technical support services. Details can be found at
How do I request a new feature for future releases of Captivate software?
You can submit new feature requests at Requests will be considered for versions after Adobe Captivate 2.
What is Adobe's strategy for Macromedia Authorware software?
Adobe is committed to supporting Authorware customers and to providing the leading visual authoring tool for easily creating rich-media eLearning applications for delivery on corporate networks, CD/DVD, and the web, with no programming required. Authorware continues to play an important role in Adobe's eLearning product and vertical solution strategies.
What new features will be added to the next version of Authorware software?
Adobe has not yet announced a feature list for the next version. However, Adobe will gather input from the Authorware user community as we continue to explore opportunities for the next version.
When will a new version of Authorware be released?
A release date has not yet been announced, but Adobe currently expects there will be a release in the second half of 2007.
Can I participate in the Authorware prerelease program?
Adobe will actively engage the Authorware user community as we continue development.
How do I get technical support for Macromedia Authorware software?
Adobe provides a range of free and fee-based technical support services. Details can be found at
How do I request a new feature for future releases?
You can submit new feature requests at