A window into your advertising world.

Advertisers are faced with constant change. New technology, growing channels, and shifting customer data make ad buying increasingly complicated. The problem is that ad technology has been a black box for years, forcing marketers to spend money without knowing what they’re getting in return. Your ad buying technology shouldn’t be keeping any secrets.

Programmatic Marketing

All the benefits without all the mystery.

Transparency in your automated ad buying is critical. By seeing exactly what you’re getting, you can easily adjust your strategy. As a marketer, you need the ability to place ads efficiently without being left in the dark. And with detailed visual reporting on all your ad spending, you maintain control. Transparency turns programmatic ad buying into a tool to simplify your life.

WestJet is set on providing personalized experiences online — and in the air. And by using cross-channel data to create tailored, targeted content, they’re able to spend 40 percent less time on SEM and cut weekend campaign costs by 14 percent.

Choices so easy, they’re automatic.

Transparency in itself isn’t enough. For truly effective ad buying, you need a system that can:

Understand how to use analytics tools, as well as how to ask the right questions to gain customer insights.

Use data to identify behaviors that are present in high-value customers in order to create relevant experiences.

Create unique audience profiles from all available data sources to get more from paid, owned, and earned media campaigns.

Data of all kinds.

You can’t create effective content unless you have the right audience in mind. To know that, you need to know your customers — and data gives you the power to do that. A system that uses data from first-, second-, and third-party sources will help you further define your audience and personalize your messages.

Make it personal.

“One size fits all” advertising doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Customers expect more tailored experiences, more often. And demand is growing. To meet these demands, you need a powerful automated system that will ensure the right ads get in front of the right people. Making it possible to go beyond expectations.




The clear direction.

Automating your ad buying is critical to meeting customer demands. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up control. With a truly transparent system, you can simplify your ad buys, see where your money is going, and make sure your customers get the great experiences they’ve come to expect.


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Simple. Not secret.

Programmatic can make your job simpler without compromise. Find out how to keep your ad buying relevant with a growing customer base.