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Bank on apps for finance.

In the world of finance, apps pay big dividends. Customers and employees rely on them to take control of their banking, insurance, and investments. They help wealth managers stay on top of market conditions and new products, so they can advise clients and grow business. Apps provide the information people need to secure their finances and their future — which makes them a wise investment.
Financial Services
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Apps and manufacturing are a perfect fit.

Apps train field techs more efficiently, bring products to life in video tutorials, and improve troubleshooting. They arm sales teams with interactive product catalogs and inventory lists. And they replace pricey print pieces. Whether you manufacture apparel, automobiles, agricultural goods, chemicals, electronics, or consumer packaged goods, apps are perfectly engineered to save you time and money — and mistakes.
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Revenue growth is in stock for retailers.

Meeting customer expectations for a smooth shopping experience — anytime, anyplace, on any device — is a challenge. Apps make e-commerce a breeze with shopping carts, wish lists, and shoppable hotspots. And today, leading retailers are also using apps to keep sales associates current on products, train them on in-store merchandising, and put inventory details at their fingertips — because apps keep customer focus in style.
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Apps are always at your service.

In every service industry, apps build loyalty by making life easier for employees and customers. In real estate, transportation, utilities, and more, apps make workers better at their jobs. They make training more efficient. They put critical info in employees’ hands so they can solve problems on-site. And they make it easy for customers to do research and make purchases — because apps are all about satisfaction.
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There’s a new prescription for health.

Apps improve healthcare by making communication better. They put valuable information at patients’ fingertips and make it easy to access records, schedule appointments, and contact providers. They give pharmaceutical and medical device reps an easy way to customize sales pitches, from a tablet or smartphone. In an industry where clear communication is critical, apps can be a lifesaver.

Media & Entertainment

Apps take center stage.

Fans have great expectations for a constant stream of fresh content that’s both entertaining and personalized. To meet the demand, leading arts organizations, media, and professional sports teams have to know their audiences better than ever. Enter apps. To build loyal audiences, recruit and train employees, educate partners, and collect the data that advertisers crave, apps get a standing ovation.
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Everything you need.
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Perfect integration.
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