Educate your customers, drive adoption and improve customer satisfaction
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Educate your customers. Drive adoption and improve customer satisfaction
Embedded Fluidic Player
Take the seamless playback experience offered by Adobe Captivate Prime to your enterprise system. Embed the Fluidic Player and allow learners to consume courses with Single Sign-On. The learning data is automatically sent back to Adobe Captivate Prime.
Native Branding
Let customers be subjected to your brand persona by using native brand elements like logo, primary and secondary color in various elements of the UI.
Allow learners to receive badges on successful completion of learning activities. These open badges are shareable on social media.
Offline Learning
Allow learners to continue learning even when they are offline. The Adobe Captivate Prime app* downloads learning content, makes it available for offline access and auto-synchs to the server when the learner is back online.
*Available for download on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store
Social Learning
Allow learners to share their expertise with peers in the form of web-based or user-generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards. Other learners interested in similar skills can follow these boards to learn and even contribute to the topic, akin to a social media platform.
xAPI support
Have a single view of users' learning journey by capturing all formal and informal learning using xAPI statements and the inbuilt Learning Record Store (LRS) of Adobe Captivate Prime.
Five tips to blend offline learning experiences into your LMS
“Adobe Captivate Prime is flexible enough to reach beyond our company walls to help our customers achieve success as well.”
 – George Pataky, L&D Manager, PrismHR



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