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ntegrate AEM Sites

Offer your learners a personalized experience when you integrate your organization’s AEM Sites portal with the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, using API and the unique Embedded Fluidic Player.

The ways artificial intelligence

One of the biggest challenges that companies face as they try to improve their learning & development programs is time. With today’s technology, L&D professionals can get granular data on how learners interact with content, what resonates and what does not.

Deliver eLearning in areas

Adobe Captivate Prime supports cross domain implementation of AICC content. This lets you store training content on local servers or your intranet and helps reduce Internet bandwidth consumption.

Why personalized learning

When it comes to learning new skills, no two workers are the same. Each has a unique set of existing knowledge, preferred methods of learning, and personal interests or passions that fuel career goals.

Create Courses from Impromptu Training

If you sometimes have ad hoc training and cannot always plan your courses, or if your employees don’t always have access to a computer and the LMS, use Adobe Captivate Prime’s API capabilities to ensure that the training is recorded in the LMS as a Course complete with attendance, and other course details..

Learning and development

Workplace learning was one of the earliest and hardest-hit industries by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent piece by McKinsey

Deliver Customized Reports

The all-new, fully revamped Reports feature showcases the Admin Dashboard, a powerful reporting tool with custom reports to track the many components of training, helping you maximize your company’s ROI.

E-learning and usage of Adobe captivate

E-learning is nothing but learning electronically. From the tradition of paper and pen to this technology-based era many education systems are there for the students, teachers and working professionals. But, in this computer era E-learning is very helpful to understand the complex things easily.

The Adobe Captivate Prime Power Bi Connector

You can now configure Power BI to export unified reports from the LMS, enabling you to combine L&D data with the rest of your enterprise data, or just achieve combined learning reports as needed.

Top 20 LMS’s for Customer Experience

We are super excited to announce that Adobe Captivate Prime has been listed in Top 20 LMS Software based on Customer Experience (2020) by eLearning Industry.

Take Your Classrooms Virtual

In this Pandemic era, using Virtual Classrooms is the best way to go when you want to retain a personal element in training, and you want to do it fast.

Organize your trainings

Adobe Captivate Prime provides a comprehensive system of metadata to organize and manage your training programs.

Shifting Trends

Learning and development initiatives continue to gravitate online – a trend that existed before the coronavirus pandemic and one that has only accelerated since companies have had to quickly shift all in-person interactions, including in-person learning, into virtual formats.

Drive & Reward Learning Behavior

Predicated on the importance of motivation in human behavior, Gamification is an important addition to your training endeavors. Adobe Captivate Prime looks at Gamification from a holistic perspective including the kinds of tasks and incentives you can use to engage and push your learners along their journey.

Double down on learning and development

During times of financial uncertainty, many companies look for ways to cut back costs – and learning and development budgets are often the first to go, according to Training Zone. But as blogger Lisa Gillespie writes, “This is a false economy. We must continue to learn or we stagnate.”

Build a future

A future skills framework is essential for companies to not only make smart decisions today about how to organize teams and hire talent, but to future-proof themselves as skills continue to become obsolete and evolve at an unprecedented rate.

Skills as the new currency

Careers no longer progress in a neat line from learning to earning to retirement. Not only are people more likely to change jobs and even career tracks over the course of their lifetimes, freelancers who contract out their skills rather than work for an employer have become a significant portion of the labor market. 

Add your Adobe Captivate Prime Account

If you have integrated your Adobe Captivate Prime account with your Adobe Connect account, you may now, with the release of Adobe Connect 10.5.1, add your Captivate Prime URL to your Adobe Connect Account Summary page in Adobe Connect Central.

Skill maps and skill gaps

Without a systematic approach to tracking talent within workforces, enterprises risk wasting precious time and resources duplicating efforts and recruiting skills without taking advantage of the assets they already have on board.

Adobe Captivate Prime ranked

We are super excited to announce that Adobe Captivate Prime has been ranked #2 in Top Gamification Learning Management Systems published by eLearning Industry on April 15, 2020!

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Let's talk about what
Adobe Captivate Prime can do for your business

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