Transparency shouldn't be optional. It's how advertising should be.

Brands are demanding visibility, and they deserve it. They want to know where their ads are running, how much they’re costing, and the impact they’re having. And proof that their brand equity is protected from ad fraud and objectionable content. With today’s media fragmentation and an explosion of data and technology tools, brands should expect a transparent platform they can trust.
Transparency shouldn't be optional. It's how advertising should be.
Adobe is a Leader in the 2017 Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms.

Hold your advertising platform accountable.

Accountability is only possible with full transparency. You need a singular view of all your media spend in one place, not multiple point solutions. You need an open platform that activates all your ad inventory from any source — including digital and TV. You need an independent partner who delivers what’s best for your goals, without any interest in their own ad inventory. And you need a platform that integrates your advertising with the rest of your marketing efforts.
Inventory transparency.
Inventory transparency.
Know exactly where your ads are running, down to the site level. And get real-time reporting for real-time action.
Economic transparency.
Economic transparency.
See what it costs to run each ad placement, with complete visibility. No black boxes. 
Get better business results.
Performance transparency.
Know how your campaigns are performing at the creative level, with visibility on brand safety, ad fraud prevention, and more.


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Behind every great ad, there are a million digital connections.

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The State of Programmatic TV.

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Transparency has a name. Adobe Advertising Cloud.

As the largest independent advertising platform, Adobe Advertising Cloud helps you target your most valued customers, serve up customized, beautiful ads in real time, and manage ad spend across all your digital and traditional advertising media. And when connected to the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem, you have complete visibility across your entire marketing stack.

See how Adobe brings transparency to programmatic advertising, and how you can get started.

Define your audience.
Learn how to understand your audience by centralizing all your data on one platform.
Increase your audience reach.
Track ads and audiences across online and offline channels, so you can save time and money.
Optimize your advertising
Find out how personalized ad experiences give you better returns on your ad dollars.