You're not just selling ad inventory.
You're selling confidence.

You're not just selling ad inventory. You're selling confidence.
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You want to make the most of your advertising inventory. But unless marketers have confidence in your ability to engage customers, you’re not going to get as much worth from your ad inventory. That’s why you need a powerful system that lets you measure ad engagement, deliver personalized content, and target the right audience at exactly the right time.


Start with a clear picture.

Adobe Audience Manager


First, you need to know the value of your visitors. That means you need to bring your customer picture into focus with audience segments based on site and app interaction. Then increase the resolution by integrating first-, second-, and third-party data.


Adobe can help.
 Adobe Audience Manager is an industry-leading DMP, which gives you access to all your data, so you’ll know how customers are interacting with your sites and apps. This means you can build rich customer profiles, boost your CPMs, and gain deeper customer insights.


Extend your audience reach.

Adobe Audience Manager


Next, you need the ability to reach your audiences on every channel. That means you need an ad delivery platform that understands and uses your audience segments. So you can always deliver the right message at exactly the right time.



Advertising Cloud and Audience Manager

Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Audience Manager, you can create whole customer profiles and audience segments. Then, using Adobe Advertising Cloud, you can syndicate those profiles to your onsite display, video, and mobile ad servers.



A higher price tag for good data.

Higher price tag for good data.


As a digital publisher, data is one of your most valuable assets. But to make the most of it, you need the ability to organize your data into customer profiles. And you need a safe environment where you can buy and sell your valuable audience data. 


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe can help.
Adobe Audience Manager lets you organize your data into high-value segments. Then, with our Audience Marketplace, you can share your data with partners or sell it to interested buyers. And you can do all this within a controlled environment that lets you set distribution rules — making it easy to comply with partnership agreements, business strategy, and global privacy.


A clear view of every engagement.

Adobe Analytics


Last, you need to incorporate your ads into your content in a way that won’t disrupt the customer experience. That means you need to track video and ad engagement on all your platforms, so you can truly understand the impact your content is making.



Adobe Target & Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help.
 Using standardized metrics, Adobe Analytics gives you results. This means you can understand how viewers are engaging with your content across every device and platform.


Make the most of your inventory.

Why Adobe?


Now that you have a clear and defined view of your audiences, you can show marketers what those audiences are worth. That means you can give your customers the confidence that your ad inventory will reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right device — all without interfering with their viewing experience.


Why Adobe?

Publishers are constantly trying to balance ads and video content without losing viewership. But they need to increase monetization on their properties. Adobe Experience Cloud works together to let you know exactly how advertising is affecting viewership, so you can plan ahead. This means you always know what your content is doing, so you can deliver an experience that both audiences and marketers will enjoy.



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