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Best-in-class and problem-free printing for your organization!

The next-generation printing solution for your organization is here. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to Adobe’s cutting-edge printing technology!

Do you know why printers powered by Adobe Embedded Print Engine are the smartest choice for a problem-free print environment?

Customer needs cross-platform printing support

Your organization needs cross-platform printing support beyond Windows (Macs, Chromebooks, etc.)

For organizations that use Mac devices, the preferred choice is using PostScript & PDF printing. Adobe Embedded Print Engine is the industry's premier native PDF and PostScript RIP technology. It is Apple AirPrint certified to ensure seamless printing on MacOS and iOS platforms.

89% of all knowledge workers continue to work with paper and digital documents.

49% consider print essential to their job*.

Your organization needs best-in-class printing compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Embedded Print Engine uses the same core technology modules as Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud, guaranteeing reliable color, font, and transparency output. Industry-standard ICC profiles ensure that the colors seen on screen are accurately represented on paper, enhancing visual accuracy and consistency.

Customer needs best-in-class printing compatibility
Customer needs fast PDF printing for various print jobs

Your organization needs fast PDF printing for all print jobs

Adobe Embedded Print Engine maximizes your printer performance by efficiently utilizing available resources (memory, storage, network) for optimal results.

55% of all printed documents are customer-facing. Best-in-class print quality and faster processing are mission-critical*.

Your organization needs best-in-class handling of complex PDFs for top-quality printing of rich graphics, color, fonts, barcodes, and QR codes

Adobe Embedded Print Engine has been thoroughly tested with industry-standard test suites, assuring seamless processing of graphically rich and color-intensive files.

Customer needs best-in-class handling of complex
Customer needs best-in-class handling of non-compliant PDFs

Your organization needs the ability to handle non-compliant PDFs created by any system that may not comply with PDF standards

Adobe Embedded Print Engine produces print output virtually identical to the PDF gold standard on-screen display in Adobe Acrobat. It can make intelligent decisions when encountering non-compliant PDFs and adapt its workflow for image, font, and color adjustments.

42% of IT decision-makers are migrating to cloud-based solutions. Infrastructure is a top priority for their organizations in the next two years*.

Your organization needs consistent, high-quality printing across diverse print paths such as mobile, cloud, and Windows IPP (including Microsoft Windows, Apple AirPrint, Android/Mopria)

Adobe Embedded Print Engine natively handles Postscript, enabling printing via the PostScript path. It can also natively handle PDFs, seamlessly printing PDFs from mobile, cloud, or IPP driver paths (including AirPrint, Android/Mopria, and Windows). Further, it can handle PDF jobs coming from cloud storage solutions (e.g., OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.), Print OEM/Enterprise cloud storage solutions, data center infrastructure, etc.

Customer needs consistent, high-quality printing
Customer in specialized industries (healthcare, etc.)

Your organization is in a specialized vertical (e.g., healthcare, government, etc.) and needs best-in-class printing compatibility with vertical-specific applications

Adobe Embedded Print Engine supports various PDF subset specifications, including ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0) and vertical-specific PDF international standards such as PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/H, PDF/VT, PDF/X, etc.

86% of hybrid and remote workers have a print device at home. Organizations should support their employees’ print workflow needs*.

You want your organization’s print infrastructure to be “future-ready” to adapt to evolving print workflows and market trends

Adobe Embedded Print Engine is actively working with Mopria member companies on defining and integrating cloud-based workflows. It supports the latest PDF-2.0 spec for Office and Home printing and will continue to support future updates to the PDF specifications. It also directly processes images, including raster formats such as PCLm and PWG Raster.

Customer wants to be future ready

*  According to 2023 Keypoint Intelligence Office Printing Study

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