Product innovation: Adobe Connect


Adobe® Connect™ software is used by companies and individuals to host live, interactive web meetings, virtual classes, and on-demand presentations. Meetings hosted on Adobe Connect enable effective collaboration and communication with colleagues, partners, and customers – on any digital device.
Adobe Connect diminishes the need for business travel and enables employers to choose staff based on skill and talent rather than location. Internally at Adobe, use of this technology is widespread, providing a highly effective option for group collaboration while reducing costs, lost productivity, and carbon emissions associated with travel. Adobe Connect also offers a mobile application, creating even more flexibility to host or attend meetings remotely.
In addition, Adobe Connect for eLearning offers organizations complete management capabilities, including the ability to incorporate live meetings, virtual classrooms, external events, and self-paced courses into a single curriculum. With Adobe Connect for eLearning, organizations can deploy, measure, and track their training initiatives while reducing their environmental impact.
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