Customer experience – Creativity in Focus 2019
June 4th


Digital Trends – Creativity in Focus 2019



Do you need an inspirational break from all the pre-summer stress? Charge your creativity batteries with us on June 4th. Listen to the latest creative trends, try our latest technology at our experience stations while enjoying deliciousness from Mr. Cake, during the breaks.
Adobe invites you to a half day of learning and inspiration, with focus on design-led customer experiences. 

Great design is about eliciting the right kind of feelings, whether the experience is in a physical, digital or omnichannel environment. To develop transformative customer experiences, organisations
must stop viewing each platform and device as a single, isolated touchpoint and move towards a more holistic approach that draws on the wealth of data available from multiple interactions.

The latest
Creativity in Focus report, from Econsultancy and Adobe, is based on the input of more than 3,500 creative professionals from around the world who responded to our annual CX-focused trends survey.

Join us at this half day event hosted at A House, where we will present the report findings. After the event you are welcome to stay for lunch in our experience area, network and try our experience stations. Places are limited so please RSVP as soon as possible to secure your place.

Date: June 4th
Place: A House
Uggelviksgatan 2A
Time: 8:30-13:00
Breakfast and fika served at the event, comes from Mr. Cake next door.

Adobe Experience Stations
Lead by agency Abby Priest, experience up close the workflows in Adobe Stock, Premiere Rush and CCE. At our Experience Stations you will have the chance to create your own personalized commercial or ad poster and see how easy it is to create and manage high quality content. You will of course be able to share your own personalized content with your network directly from your device afterwards.



Johan Lopes Helgesson
Johan Lopes Helgesson – Adobe Produktstrateg
Hur skapar man bättre digitala upplevelser och nöjdare kunder?
Mattias Sjöberg
Mattias Sjöberg  - Moderskeppet 
Hur ett integrerat arbetsflöde gör livet enklare.
David Sundin
David Sundin – Programledare och komiker
Live: Hovering Art Director Battle med kreatörer från Bsmart.



Experience Breakfast and registration
Welcome - Adobe, Johan Lopes Helgesson
Digital Trends, Creativity in Focus – Econsultancy, Sean Donelly
Presenting Rush – Adobe
Break and Experience Stations
One creative collaboration platform – Adobe
Sneak Peek of Photoshop for Ipad – Adobe, Tommi Luhtanen
The Importance of Design - Altered, Mikael
Lunch and Experience Stations
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