Go from Photoshop to prototype faster with Adobe XD.
Use Photoshop and XD together to design, prototype, and share interactive experiences in just a few easy steps.
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Bring your PSDs into XD.  


Step 1
Bring your PSDs into XD.
Launch XD, locate your PSD file, and click Open. Your Photoshop design will automatically convert to an XD file. Start designing your app or website, then switch to Prototype mode to wire it up.
Create your first prototype.  


Step 2
Create your first prototype.
Watch a quick tutorial and see how easy it is to wire up your designs to create a fully interactive user experience.
Step 3
Use Photoshop and XD together.
Import your Photoshop assets using Creative Cloud Libraries. Share your prototypes for fast feedback. And use timesaving features like Repeat Grid to replicate elements across your artboards.

Make it. Creative Cloud.

Adobe XD is part of Creative Cloud, which also includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and all our other amazing creative desktop apps. It’s everything you need to turn your brightest ideas into your best work and share it with the world.