Adobe APAC Leaders

Yew Hwee Ng

Senior Managing Director,

Greater China

Recognised as a measured and diligent leader, passionate about changing the world with digital technology.
He has been applying his experience and interests in leading Greater China to bring industry-leading Adobe solutions to local customers. Under his leadership, Adobe’s business in the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan region has enjoyed ongoing growth and extended coverage to operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. 
Yew Hwee is especially proud of introducing Adobe Creative Cloud to the mainland China market in November 2016, bringing a subscription model and a tailor-made cloud delivery model to mainland customers for the first time.



作为 Adobe 团队领导人,黄耀辉被公认为温和且勤勉,对通过数字化改变世界充满热情。他充满激情地投身于大中华区(包括中国大陆、香港和台湾)的事业,将业界领先的 Adobe 解决方案推广给本地客户。在他的领导下,Adobe 大中华区的业务不断发展,并已扩展至上海、广州和深圳。
令黄耀辉特别感到自豪的是,他于 2016 年 11 月将 Adobe Creative Cloud 引入中国大陆市场,并且首次向大陆客户推出一种全新的订购模式和定制化的云交付模式。他表示:“这些都是 Adobe 中国的重要里程碑,有助于我们的客户加速其数字化领域的业务转型。”
黄耀辉与 Adobe 的交集始于2005年 Adobe 对 Macromedia 的收购。当时,黄耀辉已在 Macromedia 工作多年,负责领导其在东盟和南亚的业务。此后,他加入 Adobe 担任香港和台湾地区经理。在负责领导大中华区业务前,他还曾任 Adobe 亚太区渠道总监。

Yew Hwee Ng