Merge and edit video clips on your mobile device.

Quickly import multiple clips from your mobile device and create seamless videos for web or social. Edit clip lengths, add transition effects, and weave in multiple video and audio files.

Merging and editing video clips in a mobile video editing application

Import clips and combine them into a single video.

Share experiences with friends and create unique projects by combining and editing your recordings. Download Adobe Premiere Rush for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS App Store on your iPhone and put videos together with its video merger function using your mobile device. Unlike other online video joiners, Premiere Rush lets you import clips or other media from your phone’s library and other sources, capture new video right within the app, and take advantage of more advanced video editing functionalities, like multiple video and audio tracks.


How to combine videos with Premiere Rush.

Follow these steps to create a new video project in Premiere Rush and combine video clips and other media from your mobile device.

Steps to combine two videos in Premiere Rush

Download Premiere Rush and open it on your mobile device.


Launch the app, sign in, and tap the plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen to create a new project.


Choose Add Media to use already captured media on your device, Creative Cloud, or Dropbox. Select multiple photos, videos, and audio clips — the selected clips will appear at the bottom of the screen. Type in a project name and tap Create to import the selected clips into your project.


When you create a new project, the Media Browser opens automatically. Browse, filter, and sort the media available for your project here. Premiere Rush supports many video formats, including Apple ProRes, GIF, M4V, MOV, MP4, and more.


To save your project as a new video in your library, tap the export icon on the upper right corner of your screen and hit Export.

Adjust the lengths of your clips and add other media on the timeline.

Organize video clips into your ideal web or social video project using the Premiere Rush timeline, its intuitive video editor. Use up to four video tracks to place video clips, images, graphics, or text; and use up to three audio tracks for narration, music, or sound effects.

Editing a video timeline in Premiere Rush on a smartphone

Edit the lengths and rearrange the order of your clips.

Edit the length of your clips by clicking and dragging the edge of the box. Hold and drag clips to rearrange their order.


Capture new photos or videos within the app.

Tap Take Video or Photo to shoot new content right from the app. Use Premiere Rush’s built-in capture functionality instead of your device’s native camera app for access to more advanced camera settings.


Add graphics, text, or images to your video.

Use the four video tracks in your project to drop in text, shapes, animated graphics, photos, and transition effects and layer them into your project. You can place multiple picture-in-picture videos, use layers as frames, or add text overlays and watermarks.


Utilize multiple audio tracks.

With three audio tracks, you can add music, voiceover clips, or sound effects from separate sources and experiment with multiple audio clips throughout your project.


Take it further by joining videos together on Premiere Pro for desktop.

Laptop with background image of two people at the coast sitting on a desk

Dealing with footage from disparate cameras may provide creative challenges when you’re editing a project, but combining clips in multiple video formats on the same timeline is simple with Premiere Pro for desktop. You can also perform other advanced clip-merging tasks on desktop, such as synchronizing audio and video.


Become a more proficient video editor by opting for the suite of useful editing tools available in Premiere Rush and passing up more simple web-based video-combiner apps. Download Premiere Rush for free and turn the collection of video files, photos, and sound bites on your phone into high-quality video projects you’ll be proud of.

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