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Driving compelling experiences at speed and scale with AI

Are digital assets a bottleneck to your organisation? In today’s experience-driven era, marketers are under pressure to deliver more personalised campaigns across more channels, translating to pressure on creatives to create more content. This increasing content velocity makes effectively collaboration more important than ever. Discover how you can manage all your digital assets across your organisation to deliver powerful experiences at speed and scale with beautiful content. 
In this session, you will learn to:
  • Streamline creative workflow and maximise content velocity to accelerate conversion opportunities
  • Leverage on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to increase user productivity and drive creative innovation
  • Transform experiences across omni-channels with content and personalisation to improve customer engagement


Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign

Ko Chin Wee
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

Experience Business Analytics: Knocking data silos to analyse the multi-channel customer journey

In this session, we speak about the latest Adobe Analytics innovations that unites the strengths of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform to give non-expert data consumers easy-to-learn, data science-powered workflows while providing data scientists and BI pros the data ingestion, transformation, data science and exploration capabilities they require. These new capabilities will give brands new insights into customer journeys, plus faster, more comprehensive data access, exploration, and actionability. Discover how you can:
  • Cross-Device Analytics: Consolidate a single individual’s Web and mobile visits across multiple devices into a single “person.” 
  • Adobe Experience Platform Query Services: Ingest data from Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, offline or enterprise and 3rd party data sets into the Experience Platform data lake, and offer full SQL access to query, stitch, and transform data as customers require. 
  • Customer Journey Analytics: Take journey analysis even further with the newest and most extensible customer journey analytics toolset, even as the most advanced Adobe Analytics expert. 


Solution focus: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform
Surbhit Jain
Product Marketing Manager, Adobe APAC

Personalise and optimise your digital experiences with Adobe Target

According to Adobe’s 2019 Consumer Content Survey, 83 percent of consumers say they’ve received content from brands that isn’t personalised, with more than one-third of consumers saying this happens constantly or frequently. And approximately half of those consumers say they’re more likely to become loyal to the brand if the experience is personalised. For brands, this is a huge opportunity missed. See how Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Target can help your organisation successfully deliver personalised and optimised experiences. The session will cover:
  • Why personalisation matters
  • How top brands successfully personalise experiences and acquire new customers
  • AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target including demo 


Solution focus: Adobe Target
Hiro Awanohara
Senior Product Manager & Regional Evangelist, Adobe APAC

Hide Hirashima
Proof of Concept Manager, Adobe JAPAC

Enhance and scale your customer experience strategy

Brands are primarily leveraging data management platforms (DMPs) for media optimisation. But what is next for your audience strategy to be at the forefront of the digital race? 
Adobe’s DMP, Audience Manager, goes well beyond media optimisation and acquisition. Take a journey with our Adobe experts as they share key use cases of leveraging Adobe Audience Manager to enhance customer experience management. You will learn how to use your valuable data to drive business goals across your full customer journey lifecycle and not just the tip of the funnel, specifically:

  • Going beyond paid media – activating audiences on other channels
  • Improving existing customer experience through segmentation
  • Achieving a people-based marketing strategy
Solution focus: Adobe Audience Manager
Gabbi Stubbs,
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe APAC 
Scott Gruer,
Solution Consultant, Adobe

Managing experiences across the customer lifecycle

Today, the customer journey is as complex as it’s ever been. People jump from one channel to another, often multiple times before they convert in the way you want them to. But they don’t think in channels and expect experiences that are consistent no matter what channel they are using. So to increase engagement and build loyalty that will pay off now and in the long term, you need to deliver relevant experiences that are seamless across multiple channels, across the end-to-end customer lifecycle.
Join us to learn how Adobe Campaign and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions can work together to help brands manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle and deliver exceptional experiences across multiple channels. 


Solution focus: Adobe Campaign
Hiro Awanohara
Senior Product Manager & Regional Evangelist, APAC, Adobe

Creating mobile-first experiences across IoT devices

Optimising for mobile doesn't have to start with complex implementations. Join us for an introductory session to create compelling and connected experiences that engage and convert your customers. 
You’ll walk away with the following useful tips to manage and deliver fluid experiences across mobile app, websites, single-page applications (SPA), digital signages and IoT devices seamlessly: 

  • Foundation for creating reusable content fragment for cross-channel content delivery
  • Use content services for headless content delivery across SPA, Mobile App, IoT App and more
  • Design, deliver and optimise experiences on all digital displays from interactive kiosks to digital signages


Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics
Yip See Wai
Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe

Best practices for people-based destinations and identity resolution strategies

Join us for an introduction to Adobe Audience Manager’s latest feature, People-Based Destinations, to enable activation in people-based environments for audience targeting, personalisation, and suppression based on hashed identifiers. 
We will also explore Profile Merge 3.1 which adds a people metric to Adobe Audience Manager’s leading identity management tool. This will allow you to estimate, measure and share audiences using multiple levels of identity including person and household to accurately define audiences systems that operate using these level of identity: 

  • Push custom audiences to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Target a person or household based on their behaviour across all of their devices
  • Accurate reporting and delivery across real-time and batch systems


Solution focus: Adobe Audience Manager
Sundeep Malik
Solution Consultant, Adobe
Biren Balakrishnan
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

Reimagining creative ad experiences

Your customers are exposed to over 5,000 brand messages everyday, mostly from digital channels – specifically Display. To stand out in today’s cluttered digital landscape, some of the biggest brands are leveraging automation to design, customise and deliver engaging experiences across the entire customer journey – that is experiential marketing and advertising. 
Join Udipta Basumatari, Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, to find out how Adobe is working closely with these brands to bring about a new way of looking at creatives as he unveils: 

  • The evolution of creatives in advertising and its current state
  • The ‘sweet spot’ to tackle the seemingly paradoxical relationship between personalisation and scale
  • How to stitch Martech pieces together for a cohesive ad experience
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager
Udipta Basumatari
Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Profit by personalising your customer experience everywhere

There’s no downtime when it comes to customer experience. Customers expect personalised and relevant content at every interaction and every touchpoint. Studies have shown that organisations which personalise their user experience deliver greater customer satisfaction, reduce acquisition costs, increase marketing efficiency and increase revenue. 
Personalisation is no longer optional. If you are not doing it, your competitors are. But how to achieve this across so many touchpoints without an army of staff?

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Leave with actionable tips on how to personalise digital experiences on any IoT device – including mobile app and even voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa
  • Learn how organisations of any size can deliver personalisation at scale by leveraging Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities (Adobe Sensei)
  • Get a first look at the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) that enables content personalisation on native mobile apps in a do-it-yourself fashion


Solution focus: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager
Scott Gruer
Solution Consultant, Adobe

Building solid web experiences with a unified platform

Today, the only thing that is certain is change. Devices are changing, customers are changing, experiences are changing. With a complete web foundation that enables you to assemble experiences on-the-fly without compromising security and privacy, you can keep the right content flowing, and your customers coming back for more. 

Join this webinar to discover how you can stay on top of it all. Create, measure, optimize, amaze and repeat.

Yip See Wai, Principal Solution Consultant, will unveil how you can deliver innovative experiences to your customers with the highest levels of performance and security by:
  • Creating, managing and delivering personalised web experiences from a centralised platform
  • Creating and curating content at high velocity across teams
  • Effectively engaging and measuring your brand’s experiences


Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager Sites
Yip See Wai
Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe

Scale your personalisation strategy with marketing automation

Testing and personalisation are now a part of every digital conversation, as they should be. Your customers want effortless and relevant experiences at every touchpoint, and showing the true value of the program has never been more important. Stand out by delivering consistent and customised experiences that impact the bottom line.

In this session, you will learn how to:
  • Data – Build a robust 360 view of your customers’ journey by stitching all your data sources effortlessly in one unified platform
  • Orchestration – Manage and monitor the performance of all your cross-channel campaigns with precision
  • Personalisation – Deliver personalised and targeted content through machine learning approaches and automation


Solution focus: Adobe Campaign, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target
Sundeep Malik
Solution Consultant, Adobe

Leveraging attribution to build data-driven advertising strategies


Marketers dream of delivering the perfect message to the right audience at the optimal time and place. Look ahead of what’s the top of the mind for the majority of your peers and use data-driven attribution to optimise your advertising strategy. In this session, we will investigate the advertising trends as well as how to leverage attribution to build effective and personalised digital campaigns.  

Udipta Basumatari, Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Biren Balakrishnan, Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe, will take you through:
  • Impact of analytics and attribution on advertising delivery and marketing spend
  • Key differentiators between Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Analytics attribution solutions
  • Success stories in the market and best practices for attribution analytics
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics
Udipta Basumatari
Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Biren Balakrishnan
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

Realising the power of your data


Advertising is becoming increasingly complex with marketers trying to navigate through walled gardens, tightening privacy controls and partner relationships. With the increase in customer expectations for relevant and personalised experiences, these issues are causing marketers to rethink their advertising strategies.  

Join this session to hear about the key trends that are shaping advertising regarding data sovereignty, control and the importance of your own data.

Amy Robson, Snr Product Manager & Regional Evangelist, APAC, Adobe, will take you through:
  • Key trends that are shaping advertising
  • The importance of your 1st party data and how to take advantage of this
  • How to effectively plan your data strategy with Privacy and Control in mind
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud
Amy Robson
Snr Product Manager & Regional Evangelist, APAC, Adobe

Powering your search marketing with Artificial Intelligence


Search marketing is complex. Marketers navigate billions of data points, millions of keywords, and dimensional data, including audience, device, geography, and time. With emerging inventory sources and the constantly evolving marketplace, there is an overwhelming amount of data and decisions to be made. Join this session to hear the evolution of search advertising and how Artificial intelligence (AI) helps solve the common marketing challenges to drive higher ROI across digital screens.  

Udipta Basumatari, Group Director of Adobe Advertising Cloud, will take you through the current digital marketing trends and demonstrate how you can:
  • Optimize budget and bid strategy in real-time
  • Find the sweet spot in data-driven media planning
  • Achieve a truly holistic advertising strategy with effective web analytics and data management platform integration
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud
Udipta Basumatari
Group Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Elevating programmatic beyond the bid


The ad-tech & programmatic space certainly has its own set of challenges – trust, transparency and technology fragmentation to name a few. However, amid the frenzy of industry debate, we often lose sight of the larger issue: programmatic is living in an echo-chamber. In this session, we will discuss how to leverage your wider marketing technology stack and get programmatic firmly onto the CMO’s agenda.  

Join Tom Braybrook, Regional Product Manager, Adobe Experience Cloud, and learn how you can:
  • Align your ad and marketing campaigns with the CMO’s top priorities in the ever-changing programmatic landscape
  • Gain deep audience insights from CRM data integration to deliver compelling and impactful experiences for all
  • Present an accurate 360 view of your marketing campaigns performance to get the recognition (and budget) you deserve
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign
Tom Braybrook
Regional Product Manager
Adobe Experience Cloud

Creating our digital world with the next generation digital experience platform


Want to gain deeper insights and create more amazing experiences with less effort? From small businesses to large enterprises, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help workers to collaborate in smarter, faster ways, and delight their customers with engaging, personalised digital experiences in a more timely manner. But how can organisations ensure that they are leveraging this technology effectively to drive the next level of digital experiences for customers? 

Discover how you can:
  • Deliver fluid experiences by combining data and content across multiple touchpoints
  • Achieve efficiency and productivity by leveraging on content intelligence (machine learning and AI)
  • Reduce bottleneck and realise value by empowering marketers to increase content velocity and fostering better collaboration between marketers and creatives
  • Scale quickly and securely using a fully managed cloud-based service
Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Sensei
Chin Wee Ko
Senior Solution Consultant

Creating a seamless UX for all with single-page apps


The attention span of your audience has never been shorter and the pressure to deliver outstanding user experience (UX) across all channels has never been greater. It is no wonder that the single-page applications (SPA) and content services are gaining popularity. Websites based on SPA are more responsive, deliver more immersive UX and enhance user engagement. Yet deploying SPA at scale is challenging with traditional content management. The time is now to learn how you can manage your SPA more easily than ever and explore the real-world integrations with analytics. 

Join this webinar to:
  • Discover the best practices for using single-page applications and headless CMS for content services
  • Accelerate deployment and simplify management of content services across multiple devices and channels
  • Manage single-page applications with intuitive features such as drag-and-drop and What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) authoring environment 
Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics

See Wai Yip
Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe 

Advertising technology is not an island – we already have too many of those


The advertising technology industry is rapidly changing as is the technology that powers it. All too often, digital advertising is delivered in silos, using disconnected technologies and measurement approaches by independent teams. Yet, the convergence of advertising and marketing technology has reached a point where advertising can be delivered as a puzzle piece that completes the broader customer-centric strategy. 

Join Tom Braybrook, Strategy & Solutions Lead, Adobe APAC,  as he dives into the key integration capabilities between advertising and marketing, as well as how differentiated customer experiences can be delivered across all channels. In this webinar session, you can learn about:
  • Data – Discover the best practices to integrate your audience and measurement data
  • Content – Streamline your creative workflows and say good-bye to content chaos
  • Orchestration – Strategically plan and implement your advertising alongside with direct marketing and digital personalisation
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Audience Manager
Tom Braybrook
Strategy & Solutions Lead, Asia Pacific, 

Campaign 101: Sales and marketing alignment to personalise your customer experience


Your customers' expectations are higher than ever. They want deeply personalised and relevant experiences. Create real time, one-to-one experiences at scale by leveraging automation and the rich data capabilities of Adobe Campaign and seamlessly integrating it with your CRM system. It is about aligning sales and marketing teams and orchestrating meaningful experiences throughout the customer journey. 

Learn about how you can:
  • Drive consistent messaging across the customer lifecycle
  • Enable full ‘end-to-end’ campaign analysis and ROI reporting
  • Achieve a holistic view of your prospect and customer data
  • Enhance customer relationship while you align sales and marketing processes
Solution focus: Adobe Campaign
Xavier Faures
Senior Solution Consultant, 

Be at the frontier of accelerated collaboration


In the era of experience businesses, marketers and creatives must work quickly to design, manage and deliver compelling digital customer experiences on all devices and across channels. With the explosion of touchpoints, even seasoned creative and marketing teams struggle to streamline coordinating efforts across teams to efficiently deliver timely and personalised content at scale. Hear how you can deliver captivating experiences to your customers by providing creative freedom with brand consistency and curated content. 

Find out how you can:
  • Accelerate collaboration between creatives and marketing through a centralised asset repository
  • Save time and reduce cost for creatives cost and campaign launched while retaining creative freedom
  • Turn disjointed content into seamless, targeted experiences that keep your customers engaged
Solution focus: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud
Ivy Lim
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe
Nelson John
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

2018 Digital Trends: A year of customer experience and artificial intelligence


Thanks to nearly 13,000 marketing, creative, and IT professionals worldwide, we know there’s no doubt in the digital trends. Focusing on the customer experience remains as the top priority for most companies. Personalisation plays a key role as leading organisations strive to make compelling experiences with the integration of artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology. 

Look ahead of what’s top of mind for the majority of your peers and prioritise your next big moves.

Scott Rigby, Head of Digital Transformation, Adobe APAC, shares his tips on the 2018 Digital Trends, which include:
  • Integrating cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence to deliver personalised real-time experiences
  • Adopting a ‘cross-team approach’ with customer at the heart of all initiatives
  • Investing in well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication
Solution focus: All
Scott Rigby
Head of Digital Transformation, APAC, Adobe

Achieving personalised ad experiences with Adobe


Expand your reach to acquire new customers and retain them by delivering exceptional experiences.

Today, brands who differentiate themselves with relevant, personalised customer experiences across channels are the most successful at driving loyalty. Learn how Adobe delivers data-driven, personalised campaigns, and hear about Adobe’s collaborative tools to empower creative and marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences. 

In this webinar, you will learn how:
  • To automate digital advertising and strategy for advanced segmentation and personalisation
  • To understand how to drive intent across different channels and touchpoints throughout the customer journey
  • To harness the power of analytics for actionable advertising performance insights and reliable forecasting
  • Local brands have created and delivered personalised experiences at scale
Solution focus: Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Analytics
Danielle West
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe

What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

Adobe Experience Cloud gives you access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. And it’s all unified through powerful core services that give you access to your customer profiles, centralised assets, powerful tagging, and an ecosystem of partners and developers to extend the value of all the solutions. It’s everything you need to orchestrate a great customer experience.


Adobe Advertising Cloud
Meet the future of cross-channel video, display, search, and social ad delivery.
Adobe Analytics Cloud
Data and analytics no longer just inform — they now predict.
Adobe Marketing Cloud
Give customers personal and relevant experiences across all marketing channels.