Adobe Symposium

Marketing Innovations

As innovations change the landscape, the finish line for marketing excellence is constantly moving forward. But it doesn’t have to be out of reach. Engage with fellow marketing executives to get ideas on how to combine leadership insights and marketing strategies with the digital marketing solutions that will help you build the next generation of marketing success for your organisation.
Future of CX: engaging the channel-less customer
Nicholas Kontopoulos, Magento

Your customers don’t view their engagement with your brand through a Multichannel or Omnichannel lens. Today's customers effortlessly switch between physical and digital touchpoints and expect a consistent engagement experience. Is your enterprise set up to deliver today's ‘Channel-less’ customer a seamless CX?  


Using AI & Machine learning to deliver customer experience at scale
Colin Priest, dataRobot

Find out how customers using AI, Machine learning and automation to scale their personalisation efforts and  free up resources.

Where has the focus been, how did they get there and more importantly what was the outcome.
Building an innovative organisational culture 
Ab Guar, WPP / Davin Lodge, Abbott / Gaurav Gupta, Kimberly-Clark